1.26. The Fairy Circle, Part Two

Everyone stares at Lark, waiting for her to speak. It’s the most powerful she has ever felt. She could draw this out for as long as she wants.

But she won’t. She opens her mouth to speak: “Her name is--”

“Wait,” Dom says quickly, “Don’t tell us. Not until we’re ready to go.”

“Why the hell not,” Bastian asks, “we’ve been trying to figure out this goddamn name for nearly fourteen years.”

“Mom worked under the assumption that knowing the fae’s name was a reciprocal curse--you had power of her, but she had power over you as well.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Bastian scoffs.

“It’s caution,” Dom raises an eyebrow, “something we should probably be exercising.”

“Wait, am I in danger?” Lark asks, but the room ignores her.

Bastian rolls his eyes, “So what do you suggest?”

“Lark comes with us--”

“No,” Luna interrupts, “no way.”

“Please, Mrs. Bee,” Dom says, “Let me finish: Lark comes with us to the fairy circle and gives us the name there. We’ll leave her in Aurora Skies, safe.”

“That’s bull,” Lark pouts, “I crack your fourteen year mystery, and I get bupkis. I wanna go on an adventure!”

“Lark, this is serious,” Luna frowns, “I’m hardly comfortable with this as it is.”

“Mrs. Bee, I understand that you are concerned about Lark’s well-being, and her safety is obviously a priority--”

“What about mine?” Mark mutters, but everyone ignores him.

“I’m not suggesting this out of carelessness, but caution--knowing her name could endanger us for the time being. We’ll leave as soon as tomorrow, and you can come with us. We’ll get the name at the circle, and you can return home.”

Luna hesitates, “only if you can promise my daughter’s safety.”

“I swear it,” Dom pledges. It’s a cheesy gesture, bordering on boyish and bromidic. But still, there’s something genuine about his words.

“Okay,” Mark sighs, “you wanna do this soon we’ll need to leave before dawn. I could never reach her realm during the day, or on a new moon.”

“Then we need to rest, so my father and I are prepared to cast tomorrow,” Dom frowns, “not to impose on your hospitality, Mrs. Bee, but can we stay the night?”

“Of course. I’ll call for dinner,” Luna offers, “and I’ll text my husband and makes sure he’s taking our other children to stay with their aunt tonight. You can stay in Lydia’s room and Luke's” she says, nodding to Dom and Bastian respectively. She looks at Mark for a moment, sizing him up: “you can sleep on the couch.”

“Gee, thanks,” Mark frowns.

As if to balance out the fantastical nature of the afternoon’s conversation, Luna orders pizza for dinner, plain and mundane. It reminds her of years ago, those childfree nights when she would order pizzas for herself, Quentin, and Crimson. And now here she is ordering pizza for her teenage daughter and a gaggle of mages and sordid folk.

Life is weird.

The mages don’t touch the food, though. Dom, having apparently packed a vast array of dusty tomes, is pouring over a book in the living room. Bastian occasionally glances over his shoulder and rolls his eyes.

“Dominic, you don’t need to memorize all of these incantations--”

Dom furrows his brows, “Yes, I do--”

“If you would just focus--”

“Which I’m trying to do right now--”

“You’d have an easier time casting--”

“I have a perfectly fine time casting--”

“And you’d waste less time reading--”

“Blasphemy,” Dom retorts.

Lark sits at the table with her mother and Mark. She watches with a mouth full of pizza as the conversation between the mages unfold. “What’s that about?” she whispers.

Mark blinks as if the answer is obvious: “Bastian’s a dick.”

“Well duh,” Lark scoffs, “I mean, why is he mad that Dom is reading?”

Mark looks thoughtful, “Beatrice--Bastian’s wife--once told me that mages have to ‘ask the universe’s permission’ to cast. They have to say incantations in like Latin or Greek or Sanskrit or something, so most mages have to study. But Bastian can just do whatever the fu--heck he wants. He doesn’t have to go through all the same rituals. I guess he expects the same from Dom.”

“Oh,” Lark says, “that sucks.” She glances at her mother, but looks away quickly before she notices. “So how come you’re helping them? You don’t really seem like the magic-y type.” He seems more like the keto and crossfit type, really, but she doesn’t say that.

“I made a pact with Bastian without realizing it was a pact and now I’m in his service until he finds his daughter, at which point I’m half afraid he’s going to kill me,” Mark punctuates the run-on sentence with a nod.

“Hmm. ‘Kay.”

“So,” Luna butts in on the conversation, “Where have you been, Mark?”

“Bridgeport, mostly," Mark answers through a mouthful of pizza.

Luna narrows her eyes, then begins bombarding him with questions: “Have you called my sister? Why not? Do they not have cell service in Bridgeport? Oh, you have a girlfriend? What’s her name? When are you planning on abandoning her?” At the last question, Lark calls it quits.

“Night, mom. I’m setting my alarm for 4:00, ‘kay?” Lark bounds up the stairs to her room, leaving behind a warzone--Dom arguing with Bastian, Luna with Mark.


It’s the dead of night, but Lark can’t sleep. Her mouth feels dry and her skin is clammy. She’s been afraid before, of course, but tonight she feels a sense of impending doom. Still, she desperately wants to go with the makeshift search party on their adventure in another realm, a place she can’t even imagine. Moreso, she desperately wants to go to the fae. She belongs there, she’s sure of it.

 It’s a disconcerting feeling.

She searches her mind, thinking of what can calm her. A glass of water--she needs a glass of water. She tiptoes down the stairs, trying to avoid the spots that creak. When she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she can hear snoring from the living room--Mark, no doubt, exiled to the couch. She stands still for a moment, waiting for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. As she does, the figure of a man sitting at the dining room table comes into focus. She approaches him slowly, squinting her eyes, but his stiff frame betrays his identity. It’s Bastian, staring at a picture.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” Lark asks as she slowly approaches him. He looks up lethargically, his puffy, red eyes blinking slowly.

“Can’t sleep,” his voice is gruff.

“Excited, I bet,” Lark says, speaking so quickly her words run together “you’re going to see your little girl again after so long. I wouldn’t be able to sleep, either. Oh, is that a picture of her?” She doesn’t know what is compelling her to be so nice, or so chatty.

Bastian nods and slides the picture across the table. It’s of a smiling, dark-haired girl, probably not much older than a year. Her eyes are the same as color Bastian’s, and the resemblance between the two is undeniable.

“She’s cute,” Lark smiles at the picture, “she looks a lot like you and Dom. Does that bother your wife? You know, that they look so much like you? I’d be pissed if I popped out two kids and they looked like their dad.”

“They have different mothers,” Bastian says stiffly, “but yes, Alison and Dom’s appearances did bother my wife. Alison’s more so.”

“Oh,” Lark grimaces, “wow, I’m sorry.”

“My wife was a saint. She put up with my," he struggles for the word, "wandering ways, and she still helped me try to find Alison.”

“Was,” Lark notes the past tense, “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I should have left you alone.”

Bastian shakes his head, “You’re too young to be involved in this emotional clusterfuck.”

“You’d be surprised. My generation is pretty desensitized.”

Bastian laughs. It’s the first time she’s heard him do so, and judging by the raspiness of his laughter, he seems unpracticed at it. “You’re spunky,” he says, and hastily continues when he notes her confused expression, “that’s a compliment. Dominic is so demure--meek, really, though he’s such a smart boy--and I worry about what Alison’s going to be like. Growing up in a completely different place. Seeing her again is going to be like meeting a stranger, possibly one I don’t even like. Or who won’t like me.”

“You’re her dad--she has to like you,” Lark replies, but the words ring hollow.

Bastian clears his throat, “You should go to bed, Lark. We’ll be leaving in a couple of hours.”

Lark frowns, “yeah, I guess.”  She feels off-kilter as she climbs up the stairs to her bedroom. She often laments her boring, humdrum life. But right now, in this very moment, it feels like a blessing.

She doesn’t sleep a wink before her alarm goes off. She can’t even close her eyes--every time she does, she sees the grinning face of the fae. She sighs as she rises from bed and dresses.

Downstairs, Lark finds the three men waiting for her, but Luna is notably absent. “Where’s my mom?” She asks.

Dom looks uncomfortable, but Bastian is the one who answers, “I think she’ll be sleeping in today,” he says casually.

“It’s temporary,” Dom reassures Lark, “just to make sure she wouldn’t impede your assistance.”

Lark doesn’t protest, though. She doesn’t need her mother tagging along. As Dom states, she could keep Lark from what she has resolved to do. “Okay,” she shrugs, “anyway, I think I know where a fairy circle is in the woods nearby.”

The men defer to Lark, allowing her to lead the party. Sheba also follows her outside, despite Lark’s attempts to shoo her back inside.

“Let her come,” Dom suggests, “she’ll be fine.”

“I just don’t want her to get lost in the woods,” Lark frowns.

“I don’t think that’ll happen,” Bastian says, “She seems pretty capable.”

“And how do you know? Are you the dog whisperer?”

“No, but I can sense magic, and that dog has it coming off her in waves,” he sneers at her teenage petulance.

“Cŵn Annwn, you think?” Dom asks.

“Most likely,” Bastian replies.

“Huh?” Lark wrinkles her nose.

“A hellhound,” Dom explains, “though the name is misleading. After all, this one’s pretty friendly” He pets Sheba, who pants happily at him

“You’re lucky,” Bastian says, “some mages pay a small fortune for dogs like this.” Sheba tilts her head. Luck has nothing to do with it, but the humans don’t know that.

“This is such a stupid conversation,” Mark yawns. Sheba agrees.

Lark leads them through the plains of Aurora Skies, Sheba staying close by her side. “I’m pretty sure there are  mushroom rings over here,” she calls over her shoulder, “I’d see them on my walks to visit Mother Clucker.”

“Mother Clucker?” Dom asks.

“My chicken friend,” Lark says, but she doesn’t explain further.

They do indeed find a fairy circle, a small gathering of white caps. “Is this all we need?” Bastian asks, looking at Mark.

“Pretty much,” Mark replies, “this and her name.” Three pairs of eyes turn to Lark. She shifts uncomfortably. It’s time to give them the name, then return to her home, alone. But the other realm calls to her, beckoning her to come.

“Lark,” Bastian says stiffly, “her name?”

“I want to go, too,” Lark’s voice wavers, “so I don’t think I’ll tell you.”

Bastian rolls his eyes, “This isn’t a fucking game, Lark. Tell us her name.”

She steps in the circle. “We have to stand here, right? And then I’ll say the name.”

“Tell us her goddamn name,” he snarls.


“Dico nōmen,”  Dom interrupts her, his tone commanding. It’s so loud, so aggressive, it doesn’t even sound like his normal voice.

Lark feels a tingling run up from her stomach to her mouth, the same unpleasant feeling that precedes vomiting: “Atë,” she spits the word out.

Dom tilts his head and looks thoughtful, “Atë. Goddess of folly and ruin. That makes a lot of sense, actually.”

“Does it, though?” Mark makes a face.

“No, it doesn’t,” Bastian says, “nothing in this goddamn situation does.”

Lark has her hand over her mouth, her face in shock. She’d witnessed a couple of things at this point that should have cemented the power of Bastian and Dom. But this, for some reason, is what leaves her in awe.

“You know her name now--so what?” Lark glares, “I’m still going with you.”

Sheba whines and looks up at Dom, her bright yellow eyes full of concern. He nods at the hound, pulls his wand from his back pocket, and raises it in the air.

“Sorry, Lark.”

“Wait,” Lark puts her hands up.

“Oblīviscere ‘Atë,’” Dom says, making eye contact with Lark. Suddenly the name disappears from her mind. What was it again? Did it start with an A, or an E? Was it even a vowel, or was it a consonant? 

“Dormī,” Dom continues. Lark’s body goes limp, and Mark catches her right before she hits the ground. He gives Dom a look of surprise. “I’m not going to let a teen girl go on our suicide mission,” Dom shrugs.

Mark scoops her up in his arms, “We can’t leave her here. I’ll take her back to her home.”

“Stay with her for awhile,” Bastian replies, “make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid.”

“You don’t want me to go, too, then?”

Bastian looks down at the ground, “I don’t think that’s necessary. You’d probably just fuck things up.”

“So I take it this is where the pact ends, huh?”

“Seems that way. It’s been a pleasure, Mark--no, that’s a lie. It’s been fucking awful. You’re a loathsome son of a bitch,” Bastian pauses, “and I rue that you’re my closest friend.”

“Closest friend?” Mark beams, “right back at you, buddy.”

“Dad,” Dom says, “The clock’s ticking.”

The two mages step into the fairy circle. Bastian clears his throat before he speaks the fae’s name. As soon as the word leaves his mouth, there’s a clap of thunder. In a bright flash, the two men disappear.

Mark stares at the empty circle for a minute. Then he kicks at the ground, uprooting the mushrooms until the fairy circle is no more. Any attempts on Lark’s part to return to the circle will be in vain.

It’s a short walk back to the Bee house, but an awkward one. He hopes no one notices him--a man carrying an unconscious teenage girl. That’d be hell to explain.

When he gets back to her home, he rests her on the couch, leaving her to sleep.

And dream.

Her dreams are twisted images, each melting into the next in rapid succession.

Some familiar faces.

And then some unfamiliar ones.







Then disappointment.

Lark awakens hours later. Sunlight fills the living room, its warmth signifying that it’s well into the afternoon. She jolts up and looks around. Her mother is sitting at the dining room table, an empty coffee cup in front of her.

“Where is everyone?” Lark’s voice is creaky, her throat dry.

“Mark just left for Sunset Valley. And your dad is at the fall festival with Lydia and Luke.”

“What about Dom? And Bastian?”

“I haven’t heard from them. It might be awhile, honey. Who knows how long it’ll take them.”

“Yeah,” Lark says absently. She looks back at the coffee table--it’s still crowded with Dom’s books.


Author’s Note: Poor Lark. She didn’t get to go on the adventure she initiated! It’s like she was just a pawn, and she was exchanged early in the game so the other pieces could move…

Anyway. I’m always worried when I try something new (for example, showing the resolution to a story arc nearly wordlessly via a dream sequence), it’s going to leave everyone confused/disappointed. I hope that isn’t the case.


  1. So she didn't want to be rescued after all! And as you said, it's sad :( But at least she found love with Goaty McGoatface?

    You did a wonderful job with the pictures! No confusion there. Disappointment? Maybe. But not in the story! I'm just bummed for poor Bastian and Dom. From what was said about her, I'm guessing Bastian's wife even died sometime during their quest, right? And all those years, all that sacrifice were for naught in the end :(

    But Atë is defeated and future legacy babies are safe! That link about the origin of her name/character was really interesting too. I think I'll be digging through that site a bit...

    I hope that with Atë gone, Lark's attraction to her realm will dissipate too and she'll feel more at home in this one. :)

    1. Now that I looked over the pictures again, I'm seeing something I overlooked before. Bastian's daughter (did she have a name? I must've forgotten) and Goaty were being chewed out by Atë for being in love, amirite? So I guess she wouldn't have been opposed to being rescued... but then Goaty became overprotective and Bastian too trigger happy, so things escalated. Gee, now I hope there's still a happier resolution waiting D: Or else we might have a new angry fae on our hands!

    2. She did find love with Goaty McGoatface (real name Ari, but I doubt that'll ever stick XD). As for what happened in the pictures: yes, Alison (called Alathea by Atë, though that didn't come up in this story) and Goaty were being reprimanded for their relationship. I imagine it being a totally chaste relationship that was blown out of proportion by Atë.

      Alison/Alathea was ambivalent about being rescued, though in my outline she recognized Bastian as her biological dad--she just didn't think that was important since Atë was the one who ultimately raised her. And then Goaty intervened on her behalf because he just saw Dom and Bastian murder two people, and Bastian was too violent in response, as always. As for a happier resolution...hmm. Who knows? ;)

      Thank you! I was really worried the pictures wouldn't convey the story I was imagining. I might, at some point, go back and write exposition and dialogue to accompany them, and maybe throw in some more pics that didn't make it into the final cut. Maybe Lark will meet Dom again at some point and he can tell her exactly what happened.

      Future legacy babies are totally safe! I knew I had to tie up the loose end that is Atë or else everyone would be anxious whenever there was a baby. Theoi is a totally interesting website. I initially got the name Atë from The Faerie Queene, but I came across Atë the goddess while researching and I became enthralled by her.

      Anyway, sorry for the really long and possibly confusing response. XD Thanks for reading adn commenting!

  2. GOATY MCGOATFACE! Woo 10/10 best character name ever

    Not gonna lie, I only partly got the pictures because I first looked at then on mobile and I'm kinda drunk right now, but they were dope picturss yo.
    Did hagard grumpy man die? I can' remember his name, it begins with a B. RIP B Man (not Bee Movie, it's an old meme but it still lives)

    I feel bad for Bastain (I remembered his name (actually, I looked at Annie's comment and was like "oh, yeah, that's what he's called", I had an diea but I never like pronounced it in my head so yeah, I didn't know how to spell it))'s wife, she's an OG, putting up with him being a manwhore and spreading his seed wildly like an overpassionate farer. RIP her if she is dead like Annie thinks. Looking back, that whole was thing... Yeah, RIP OG Waifu

    I feel bad forLark because she was prolly pumped about going like "Omg yeah adventure bitch" and then she got left behind and memory wiped. That's gotta suck balls.

    I liked Ate, she was pretty and her name if you pronounced it without the accent on the e is what you did to food. But yay for her not like, murdering or baby stealing or hiring agents to baby steal for her.

    I like the wordless pictures when telling a story. It's not a good full time technique because like, I have a very creative mind and will just make up a story and it won't be as good as yours because you're great at this stuff and i'm kinda meh, but I like the juxtapositiojn of it all.

    It's kinda ironic/funny in a dark way how he spent all that effort trying to find her, and she killed him. Did she ever know Bastian was her dad? Or did she think he was just some dude who killed her fairy mum and fucked shit up? Ngl, if someone came to my home, killed my mum and fucked shit up, I'd be pretty angry too so I get why she was angry.

    I don't know what else to say and I feel like when you see this you're gonna be like "wtf?" and I'll ptopbably apologise when it's tomorrowfor me so yeah. Stay cool yo.

    1. I'm glad you like his name. He will forever be known as Goaty McGoatface XD Ugh, I didn't think about mobile totally screwign up the pictures.

      B Man (aka Bastian) did not die. I realize now that the end was ambigious about that, and that wasn't my intention. His wife is/was such a saint/OG. She put up with a lot from him, and she got NO screentime for it. XD I have a short story about her outlined, I just need to freaking write it.

      Lark was totally pumped! She was gonna get to see awesome stuff, man, and then it was snatched away from her.

      Thanks! I don't think I'll use wordless pictures very often. It was challenging to restrain myself from writing tons of wordy crap to accompany them. XD I think you're a great storyteller, btw.

      Honestly, Bastian went about it all wrong. Yeah, going and killing the person who raised your daughter for 14 years is probs not the way to go about it. XD

      It's okay, I understand--I had to apologize to a bunch of friends the day after the US elections because I got hammered and texted a bunch of people about moving to Canada.

  3. I feel sorry for Lark, because I'm sure she saw this as her opportunity to prove to her mother that she was something special. That just because she's not as smart as her siblings, doesn't mean she's mediocre. BUT, I am glad she was left out of all that, because really, she had nothing to offer in that fight.

    I liked the conclusion in a dream sequence. It gets the point across. I'm sorry Bastian is gone (I'm assuming, he could just be injured) but it makes sense that his daughter would no longer be HIS daughter. She wouldn't remember him. I just hope that she's a good one despite what Ate would have tried teaching her to be. Or at the very least, not a bad one. She can be a benign fae. Just not evil.

    So... Is Dom Lark's betrothed?? Or is he a lot older??

    1. I feel bad for Lark, too, because it was a way of proving herself AND it was going to be a kickass adventure. But as you point out, she would have had nothing to offer. I would have had to jump through hoops to keep her alive. Same goes for Mark, which is why I made sure both of them stayed in Aurora Skies.

      Thanks! Bastian is fine, just injured. I should have taken another picture of him when they got back from the other realm, but it probably would have been an unhappy picture. ;_; She doesn't remember him, AND he slaughtered one of her "sisters" and the woman who raised him. Plus he magically assaulted her boyfriend. She's very unlike Atë, and is a lot more empathetic and human, so she's definitely not an evil fae.

      Hmmm, Lark is pretty into Nikolas at the moment. In the game, though, Dominic's not that much older than her (a few sim days), and storywise I imagine Lark's about 15, Alison (Dom's sister) is about 16, and he was supposed to be 19/20.

  4. I thought the dream sequence succeeeded brilliantly! I especially loved the 'disappointment' caption. Very poignant.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad I went with just "disappointment"--I initially wrote a lot more and then deleted it and left that single word. XD Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Everyone stole all the good comments already. I'm glad Bastian is alive! I'm hoping he, Dom and Alison make another appearance. And I'm glad Ate is dead, what a bitch.

    1. I couldn't kill Bastian because 1) I love him 2) I didn't develop him enough to make his death resonate emotionally. XD I'm thinking of ways he can show up with Dom and Alison. Alison wouldn't be the hardest to include, though.

      Wow, I think that's the harshest I've ever heard you talk! XD

    2. I like Bastian a lot as well. (: Especially in this chapter. I'm sorry all my comments are so short. x.x I really love your blog.

      ...Not sorry for calling Ate names though. xD

    3. Don't apologize! There's no word count for comments. :) And you shouldn't apologize for calling her names! It just surprised me. XD

  6. Awwwwww no, sad.... poor Bastian. But I hope Alathea can still be happy with her goat bf, even with her *cough* psychotic demon goddess *cough* "mother" dead.

    Anyway, wow. That was some crazy good storytelling. I love the visuals at the end, all that magic stuff is hard to pull off! The costumes and special effects and stuff are perfect. I especially love Goatface's design, he's very cool looking. I feel like I'm reading a graphic novel, lol.

    Glad Lark is okay!! I know you wouldn't hurt her (because you know how much I like her, right? Lol) but I feel like her safety trumps her adventurous nature in this case. She could have really gotten hurt in that fight.

    Next plz! XD

    1. Poor Bastian indeed. I'm trying to imagine what his life will be like now, with his daughter still gone and his wife dead. ;_; Alathea/Alison is going to be happy with her goat bf for sure. He's a sweetie.

      Thank you! The magic stuff took FOREVER and it really pushed the limits of my photo manipulation abilities. XD Goaty might be one of my favorite sims I've ever made. I was trying to channel comics, actually, in setting up the pictures. I wanted it to be something that could be read with or without dialogue, so I drew a lot of inspiration from some of my favorite graphic novels.

      Yeah, Lark has plot armor but even that might not have saved her in that fight. XD

      The next stuff will probably be a lot more boring and mundane. I just wanna age up Lark and her siblings at this point. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. Awesome pictures like always! That looks like a ton of effort with all the CC and poses and the really cool looking unique characters who only show up briefly like Alison's dead "sister". Goaty McGoatface looks so cool too, will we see more of him?
    It makes sense that Lark had to stay behind. Even if she could have gotten away physically unhurt, sending her to the realm of an evil faerie who wanted to abduct her once and letting her see all the murdering wouldn't have been a wise thing to do. (is that sentence still english? idk)

    1. Thanks! It was a lot of effort, so I'll probably just play the game for the next few chapters. XD I don't know if Goaty will show up again. I really like him so I'm trying to think of ways he could be included in the future.

      That sentence made perfect sense. Definitely--even if she was physically unscathed, it would be a lot to witness. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  8. I really loved how that plotline concluded, actually. It was a really cool set of pictures too. I wish I had the motivation to edit pictures like that, but I'm maybe not patient/creative enough haha.
    Is this the last we see of Mark, then? Forever sad. I love him and his mismatched eyes.
    I am actually quite glad Lark had to stay behind. I don't think I could deal with the stress of her going along. But now there's no Ate, presumably, what will happen in that realm?

    1. Thanks! It took a lot of patience, but I was also avoiding work so that made it a little easier. XD

      Hmm, that's a good question. I've thought of ways to include him in the future, but I don't know if those will come to fruition. If not, I'm still planning to write about him on tumblr because he is one of my favorite characters.

      Yeah, I really, really didn't want to include her in that ending scene. It would have been awful. Hmm, what will happen to the realm? That's a good question...

      Thanks for taking the time to catch up! <3 I know how busy you are right now.

  9. Dom's tattoo changed! What does it mean?


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