2.13. Better Not Wake the Baby

Life hasn’t made the drastic improvement that Lark had been hoping for. In fact, it seems to be spinning out of control: in Nikolas’ absence, laundry has been piling up, the refrigerator has begun to empty, and Lark’s patience is wearing thin.

Her agitation is also fueled by exhaustion. Every other day, Nikolas would get up with Bjorn so Lark could sleep in. It was a small luxury, one she enjoyed deeply. But now she has to go to bed early every night in preparation for a 6 AM wake up call from Bjorn.

Furthermore, her new role as single mother has rendered her unable to work. She doesn’t like the idea of leaving Bjorn with a babysitter--nor can she afford to pay one--and she can tell he wears out her parents. She’s currently relying on a small savings to make it day-to-day. She’ll have to come up with a long-term plan sooner or later.

And then there’s the matter of how to explain the change to Bjorn. Lark initially planned to rely on the poor memory of toddlers in order to bypass any…

2.12. Omega

“Hurry the fuck up,” Lark pleads with the pregnancy test, “please!”

It’s early in the morning, barely past sunrise. She had stayed up all night kept awake by two questions, only one of which could be easily resolved. In pursuit of that resolution, she drank almost a liter of water and then waited until morning, when hCG levels are supposedly at their highest.

After three intense minutes, the results are clear. She’s pregnant again.

2.11.5. The Aurora Skies Times Spooky Day Special

 The Aurora Skies Times Spooky Day Mania: Police Receive Flurry of Reports as Festival Goer Frightens Citizens 

Spooky Day is a beloved holiday in Aurora Skies and the annual festival draws attendees from all around the island. Most years, it’s a fun-filled and candy-rich celebration. This year, however, the festivities became all too real for some citizens.
It was early in the night the the Aurora Skies Police Department found itself bombarded with distress calls from citizens, calls which soon clogged their emergency line. “It isn’t unusual for us to receive a lot of calls on Spooky Day,” Officer Luke Bee explained, “but this year was just insane. And most of the calls were about the same incident.” The “incident” in question was apparently a festival goer in a frighteningly realistic costume.

2.11. Alpha

Lark draws in a sharp breath. Despite her best attempts to remain as still as possible, she’s trembling. Mere centimeters from her face is the sneering maw of her newly transformed werewolf-fiancé, his glowing eyes narrowed as he looks her up in down. He sniffs at the air, saliva dripping out of his mouth as he snarls. It’s an unsettling sight, to say the least--his new face is similar enough she can still recognize him, but distorted enough to elicit a surreal discomfort.

When his growling intensifies, so does her shaking. She knew this was coming, but she didn’t expect it to be so intense. When Karl had transformed during That Batshit Vampire Thing, he seemed to maintain some degree of his humanity. Nikolas, however, has done nothing the past few moments to demonstrate that he is in any way still himself

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2.10. Slow Burn

Life returns to quiet domesticity. Before “That Batshit Vampire Thing”--as Lark likes to call it--Nikolas had hired a contractor to build a small addition to the house. Construction is quick, and soon the loft is expanded to include two small rooms: an alcove bedroom for Bjorn and a small bedroom for Lark and Nikolas.

The newfound privacy is welcome, though it’s used for nothing more than sleep. Ever since That Batshit Vampire Thing, their conversations have been short and erratic. And Nikolas--perhaps as to be expected--has been cold and distant, abandoning his normal affection in lieu of brooding silence. Lark is trying to be understanding. It is, after all, an enormous change he’s facing. But it’s beginning to take a toll, and a sense of isolation creeps in, bringing with it the paradox of being both tied to and completely severed from someone.

2.9. ...Goes Unpunished

The men gather around Lark.

“I think she’s dead,” Dominic repeats himself. His voice is trembling.

Nikolas feels like time is frozen. This can’t be real.