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1.20. Love Day

"I can't believe this is happening," Luna smiles weakly at her husband, "it seems like they were babies just yesterday."
"I know," Quentin agrees, "time makes fools of us all."
It's finally time for the twins to age up to teens. Luke and Lydia are thrilled, but Luna can't bring herself to accept that her children are so close to leaving the house. Just four years of high school, and then they'll be off to start their lives. Luna snuggles into Quentin’s arms as she tries to acclimate to the thought of being one step closer to an empty nest.

1.19. Overshadowed

It’s an early weekday morning, and the Bees are awake and buzzing around the house: the children are getting ready for school, Luna is quickly making a somewhat healthy breakfast, and Quentin is on a conference call with the director of an upcoming film for which he composed the score.

Lark is the last child to get to use the bathroom, the privilege of being the youngest and easiest to push around. She’s been dancing cross-legged all morning, waiting for one of her older siblings to take mercy on her. The relief at finally being able to use the facilities is unquantifiable. But when she flushes the toilet, it begins to overflow.
"Poop," she mutters to herself. This is the fourth time this week this has happened to her.

1.18. To the Moon and Back

Polaris studies her oldest granddaughter. Lydia looks unbearably like Quentin, but her voice reminds her so much of Luna when she was a child: surprisingly deep for a girl, with an intelligent sounding timber.

“I don’t know if mom told you, but I’m on student council,” Lydia brags, “I beat out Anatol Svard for president., and his parents paid for actual printed campaign posters.”

“Wow,” Polaris replies, “that’s impressive.”

“And I have the highest grades in class.”

“Is that so?”

Lydia deflates a little. “Well, I’m tied with Luke. But my extracurriculars should count for more! He’s just in the stupid chess club, but I’m president of student council.”

“I see. Are you always this competitive?”

Lydia blinks, “Life is a competition, and I’m going to win.”

Polaris smirks, “that’s the spirit.”

1.17. Inherited Sin

The last time Polaris Bee had seen her daughter, Luna had been in tears. She had just informed her mother that she was moving across the globe with her boyfriend, a man who--while she liked well enough--Polaris hardly knew.

Like any mother, Polaris’ first instinct was to protect her daughter. She asked all the questions that Luna should have asked and answered herself before she decided on this move: “Are you sure he’s the one? Do you think you should consider options closer to home in case it doesn’t work out with him? Will Aurora Skies be accepting to someone who looks like you (or Quentin for that matter)?”

 Luna responded with a single sentence that has stuck with Polaris for all these years: “How could you possibly even think you know what’s right for me when all you’ve done is endanger me?” She followed up by letting loose years of grievances on her mother, accusing Polaris of a number of misdeeds: jeopardizing  the lives of her children with her indecisions and lackadaisical a…

1.16. Good Dog

“I don’t understand why you brought that filthy dog into our house,” Human Female wrinkles her nose at Human Male.

“‘That dog’ has a name, and it’s Sheba,” Human Male runs his hands through Sheba’s fur, “and I adopted her because homes with dogs are statistically safer from break ins.”

“I don’t think a dog could have stopped,” she stops mid-sentence and yawns loudly before continuing, “Mercury from waltzing into Lark’s room.” Human Female’s eyes are bloodshot, and there are bags under them. Every movement seems to demand a great amount of her energy.

“I’m going to train her to guard Lark,” Human Male says, “and she’s a good guard dog. Aren’t you, Sheba? Aren’t you the best guard dog?”

1.15. Folkloric Pedantry

Mercury leans forward in his seat, his head in his hands. The back of his skull aches where the bat had struck him. Elysia, Crimson, and Luna watch him cautiously, but he ignores his audience. He would prefer not to make eye contact with them.

He had made a lot of noise when Quentin hit him: his body landed on creaky floorboards, the resulting thud echoing through the house. The twins, sound sleepers, didn’t wake up, but Lark started bawling. For the first time--and hopefully the last--her father scared her. Mercury was conscious, but stunned, when Luna burst into Lark’s room, having been drawn in by the ruckus. She helped him downstairs and to the couch, and she insisted on not calling the police (“Mercury would just run away before they got here. It’s not like we can stop him,” a prediction Mercury confirms).

“Can I get you anything, Mercury?” Luna asks as she crouches down next to him.

“Coffee. Black.”

Luna raises an eyebrow at the entitlement in his voice, but she complies with h…

1.14. The Other Side of the Coin

Luna isn’t exactly shocked when she sees her little sister’s Simstagram post: a glass of wine with a fittingly somber black and white filter, followed by the description “should have seen this coming. #cursed” According to their brother Solaris, Nova’s boyfriend Mercury disappeared, leaving Nova no explanation for where he went. While Luna feels for her sister, she isn’t exactly surprised. Mercury didn’t seem like the reliable type the few times she met him.

In contrast, Luna’s life is quite boring. She’s fine with it, though. She might be nothing more than a baby warden right now, but at least her life is uneventful. She’s more than happy to settle for uneventful--she’s seen the other side of that coin and she doesn’t care for it.

1.13. The Byrds and the Bees

Luna managed to published her fantasy novel--The Cursed Fae--before she gave birth to Luke and Lydia. And now Crimson is greedily devouring it while reclining comfortably in front the fireplace at Elysia’s house.

 It’s been awhile since he’s had his sutures removed and he’s completely capable of taking care of himself at this point. But at night--when Clover’s absence is felt the strongest--Crimson texts Elysia and asks if he can go to her place, where there are no memories of his sister. She always says yes. Even if they aren’t in the same room, it’s comforting knowing someone is nearby. Tonight, he is reading while Elysia takes a long bath, part of her nightly ritual. He’s so engrossed in the book that he doesn’t notice the bedroom door open, or Elysia’s footsteps behind him.

1.12. Long Shadows

Luna and Quentin cast long shadows as they stand on the beach.

They decided to get married barefoot, next to the sea. It might not have been the most pragmatic choice--even though it is summer, the breeze blowing off the water is chilly and bitter--but it certainly looks romantic

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hi! :D

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award by Toxi (thank you :D). This is exciting! BTW, I have the "excitable" trait, if you haven't noticed.

So here are the rule:
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1. What did you have for dinner – or, if it’s not dinner time yet, what did you have yesterday? Was it good? Did you cook it yourself?
I had this. It was a'ight--mostly I like it because it's cheap and simple. My husband made it, because I hate cutting onions. :p

2. It’s late at night in a small town and you’re heading home. You can either take a well lit detour – 30 minutes – or the shorter walk through the cemetery – 15 minutes. It’s pitch dark in there. Which route do you choose?
I have horrible night vision, so the 30 minute detour. That, and ghosts.…

1.11. Falling Action

The town is shocked. There’s never been anything like this. Aurora Skies is renowned for it’s lack of violence. Most police officers don’t even carry guns. There have been a total of something like two murders in the past ten years. And in one night, that record is met.

The House of Ragnarock and Roll is closed off, the door covered with police tape. The Aurora Skies Police Department, unused to such violent crimes, has to call in forensic experts from other sectors. Even with the extra help, it’s difficult to piece together everything from that night. It doesn’t help that the two key witnesses were drugged.

Two days after the murders, Quentin sits with a police officer in the local hospital’s cafe

“I understand this is frustrating, Mr. Parker, but I just need you to go through what you saw one last time.”

1.10. Runs in the Family

Clover Byrd is cautiously optimistic. It hadn’t been that hard to lure her prey to her. She could probably do this for a living, actually, because so far, her plan was going off without a hitch.

Well, she had to modify her plan just a bit. But discounting that, it was absolutely definitely positively going off without a hitch.

Oh, and her good-for-nothing brother wasn’t answering his goddamn phone, but that’s not the worst thing in the world. She has another---she looks at her phone--another six hours before anyone is likely to even begin suspecting anything. It shouldn’t take that long, right?

There were only two of them. She was really hoping Luna would have a large wedding, complete with an entire swarm of Bees. She could have just torched the place, and been done with them in one fell swoop. But she’ll have to settle for this.

Her dad probably thought she could never do this. He’d always preferred Crimson, his precious son who would carry on his legacy. What was it he always told…

1.9. Rising Action

The sun feels weaker in Aurora Skies than anywhere else Elysia has ever been, but she’s determined to find the warmest spot on the beach so she can sunbathe. It’s a ritual, something she does whenever her life feels like something is going terribly wrong. It makes it pretty hard to cope in the winter.

Things are looking up, though. Elysia found a beautiful home in the center of town to rent, and she got a job as a receptionist at the spa. It was the only place she could find that would overlook her damning job history and pending criminal charges. And her house is close enough for her to walk to work, which is good because she doesn’t have a car or a bike.

Everything’s fine. Just fine.

1.8. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

While Luna loves winter the best, spring is a close second. Her favorite part is the sea of wildflowers that are sprinkled across the hills of Aurora Skies. She picks one--an azalea--and breathes in its scent.

Something is interfering with her olfactory enjoyment.

1.7 The Initiative

Luna regularly stalks her siblings on Simstagram, since they rarely call or text, and she's developed the uncanny ability to predict what each sibling will post. Solaris posts pictures of his wife and kids, Zenith of his guitars and (drum) kits. Nova posts pictures of herself performing daring feats of acrobatics, and Elysia almost exclusively posts pictures of food from exotic locations. Luna’s book (soon to be plural “books”) doesn’t translate well to social media so her feed is filled with snapshots of generic sunsets. #nofilter #blessed

She feels a pang of jealousy when she sees Elysia’s newest upload: a picture of herself perfectly framed in front of a beautiful Egyptian oasis, no doubt the result of her newest travel writing gig.

“Do you think I’m boring?” Luna turns off her phone and tosses onto a nearby shelf, out of reach so she won’t be tempted to check Simstagram again.

“If you’re hanging out with the likes of me, chances are that you’re not very exciting,” Crimson’s r…

1.6. Inertia and Mass

They sit in silence for a while. Crimson had invited her to take a seat and have another bubble tea while they talked. Luna thought about refusing until he explained himself, or loudly confronting and shaming him.  She decided that wasn’t worth causing a scene.

So the two strangers stare at each other, then look away, then stare again until Crimson finally breaks the silence.

“I’m very sorry for following you,” he mumbles. He’s afraid to look at her, but he forces his eyes to meet hers. He’s a little disappointed to see she’s wearing color contacts. He looks away again.

“Yeah, why did you follow me?” In an attempt to hide her emotions, Luna’s voice comes out shrill.

“I think you know why,” He gestures at himself, waving his hand from his face down his body. He smiles weakly, “I imagine you haven’t seen many people like us?”

“Like us?” Luna cocks her head. She wants him to be the one to say it. She doesn’t know why, but she feels like she needs to be in control of this conversation.

1.5. Creep

The eastern sky glows pink, heralding the sunrise. It’s a fresh new day, full of promise and wonder. The previous night’s snowfall hides all of the footprints from the day before, and all of the misdeeds that go along with it.

1.4. Turn Around, Look at Me

Luna loves winter. It’s a completely new experience.

Sure, it got chilly in Lucky Palms, and Sunset Valley had a light dusting of snow on the mountains a couple of months a year But she’s never seen anything like this: white, glistening snow so deep her boots make a satisfying crunch as she walks.

She smiles as she falls backward. Spreading her arms and legs outward, she makes a snow angel.

Quentin--less prone to fits of whimsy -- opts to stay inside, in the warmth of their home. Despite his frugal tendencies, Quentin has the heat so high it’s like a sauna inside. After she’s had her fill of the snow, Luna gingerly walks up the front steps. She’s careful to shake all of the snow off of her boots before she enters the house.

1.3. The Collective


Quentin winces. He knows exactly what's going on. Despite all of her complaints about her family, despite her constant worrying about them intruding on their life in Aurora Skies, despite all of that, Luna is on Simstagram, stalking her siblings.

"Quen, look!" Luna shoves her phone in his face, "Can you believe it?"

He squints at the screen,"Umm, Nova has a boyfriend? That's nice, hon."

"Ugh, no! It’s not nice--it's Mercury! MERCURY!"

Quentin stares at her until she lets out an exasperated sigh, "You don't get it."

"No, I really don't."

Luna rolls her eyes as she taps Elysia's number on the screen of her phone. It rings once, then Elysia picks up.

"Did you see it?" Elysia's voice is so loud that Quentin can hear it across the room. He retreats to the bedroom in search of peace and quiet.

1.2. Correspondence

The next morning, Quentin practically skips outside to retrieve the morning paper. He then sits at the kitchen table, a pair of scissors in hand, and begins to clip coupons.

“Oh, hon, there’s a coupon for bumbleleaf!”

“That’s nice dear,” Luna mumbles. Why is this burner so hot? she wonders.

“It’s only 17% off, but it could come in handy…”

“Uh-oh,” Luna takes a step back as the burner becomes just a tiny bit hotter.

1.1. A Clover and a Bee

“Wow,” Luna exhales as she squints through the binoculars, “Just…wow.”

“Beautiful, right?” Quentin whispers in her ear. Luna can barely hear him over the crash of the waterfalls. “I knew you would love it here.”

“I do,” her words are tinged with child-like wonder.

Quentin Parker and Luna Bee had landed in Aurora Skies just a few hours before, with only a few possessions in tow and hope for a good future. Their first stop, though, wasn’t to their new home – a small cottage that Quentin had mercilessly negotiated for via many aggressive phone calls to the seller – instead, they took the first cab they could get to the waterfalls.

“So I guess this won’t be such a terrible place to live?” Quentin had to use all of his charm to convince Luna to move to Aurora Skies. She initially balked at how small and isolated it was, until Quentin pointed out that “small and isolated” is the perfect combination to escape their respective dysfunctional families.

“I can forgive you for making me move to …