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2.4. What If?

How can three minutes be so long? That’s hardly any time--it’s more than enough time to microwave a burrito, for example, or be disappointed in bed. But in this instance it’s inching by at a snail’s pace.

2.3. Panopticon

The Aurora Skies Museum of Art and Cultural History is the pride and joy of Aurora Skies’ growing art scene. It had recently been renovated thanks to a ballot initiative, and its collection had been significantly increased. Art lovers from all around the island flock to the museum, taking in the beauty of creativity of its exhibits.

2.2. Just-World Hypothesis

A crash rings out, echoing in the small basement. Lark Bee--the cause of the commotion--looks suitably horrified. That was a twenty simoleon bottle of juice she just shattered, all because she was trying to show off while mixing drinks.

“Shit,” she mutters under her breath.