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2.23.5. Seeking The Truth Forum Post #218764: Full Moon Sighting in AS

Posted on "Seeking the Truth: Simnation’s Premier Conspiracy Forum," subforum "Paranormal Sightings."

VinterIsComing: So you guys know  it was a full moon tonight. I was driving back from my parents’ house when I spotted this jackoff running across the road like fifty yards in front of me. I slowed down and took a pic jic, but I don’t think he saw me because he just kept fuckin running.

2.23. Aconitum

It’s rare that a deer makes it this far into town. There’s more than enough vegetation in the interior, and the risk of predators hardly makes it worth it. But apparently Dominic’s tomatoes are enticing enough for this bold deer.

Dominic’s anger is intense when he discovers the stark remains of his garden. He spent years--years--cultivating the perfect tomato, and then some goddamn deer had to gobble it up in, like, two fucking chews because those worthless animals developed the evolutionary adaptation to just fuck shit up.

Even worse, the damn thing trampled his wolfsbane, leaving nothing more than torn and flattened flowers. It’s a full moon, and Dominic had plans for those flowers.

Deep breaths--it isn’t worth turning into his father over this. There’s a solution. There always is.