Summary & Background

I put together a background for my story (since this blog is a spinoff of another story no one is expected to read) as well as summaries for each chapters. Because the summary page was getting quite long, I've broken up the summary into separate generations:
Beware! There are obviously going to be spoilers. (:


  1. Bwaaaat? It's updated, thanks! =D
    Are you developing the story while you're playing or do you already have the general storyline in mind before?

    1. No problem! I usually try to update every couple of chapters, because it keeps me from forgetting important things in my legacy. XD

      I do a mixture of both. I try to come up with ideas for a couple of big events for each generation/heir. For example, I already have a couple of chapter ideas for Lark that will likely be staged, and I have a general idea of when in her life I want these events to happen. But I also play the game for a few sim days at a time and try to come up with story ideas centered around what happens or what my sims wish. Sometimes I go back and add in staged stuff to make it more cohesive. You picked up on this legacy right as I did one of the heavily staged story arcs, but the next couple of chapters will likely be story based off of gameplay. :)


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