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Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by a few people. Thank you FutureCarrie, Urunwa, Heatherfeather, Twinsimskeletons, and Nocriel! Efelkay also nominated me, so thank you! :D

2.10. Slow Burn

Life returns to quiet domesticity. Before “That Batshit Vampire Thing”--as Lark likes to call it--Nikolas had hired a contractor to build a small addition to the house. Construction is quick, and soon the loft is expanded to include two small rooms: an alcove bedroom for Bjorn and a small bedroom for Lark and Nikolas.

The newfound privacy is welcome, though it’s used for nothing more than sleep. Ever since That Batshit Vampire Thing, their conversations have been short and erratic. And Nikolas--perhaps as to be expected--has been cold and distant, abandoning his normal affection in lieu of brooding silence. Lark is trying to be understanding. It is, after all, an enormous change he’s facing. But it’s beginning to take a toll, and a sense of isolation creeps in, bringing with it the paradox of being both tied to and completely severed from someone.

2.9. ...Goes Unpunished

The men gather around Lark.

“I think she’s dead,” Dominic repeats himself. His voice is trembling.

Nikolas feels like time is frozen. This can’t be real.

2.8. No Good Deed...

The only peaceful moments in the Bee-Oskarsson household are when everyone's asleep. They’re rare, highly sought after, and enjoyed by all. Soon Lark and Nikolas’ sleep schedule changes to match Bjorn’s in order to accomplish such a feat.

2.7. Dramatic Irony

It’s Leisure Day in Aurora Skies, a holiday usually reserved for rest and relaxation. But there’s no way Lark can unwind--she’s several days past her due date, and she has come to the irrational conclusion that she’s going to be pregnant for the rest of her life. It’s a dismal prospect, and the thought of it is taking a toll on her already fragile morale.
In a misguided attempt to cheer her up, Nikolas persuades her into visiting Björn Café. But the walk to the café tires her, and none of the expensive, fatty drinks look appealing. Citing the need for fresh air, she excuses herself to the balcony. It overlooks the eastern shores of the island, providing an endless view of the sea, a sublime sight of deep blues and greens. But even the view, a normally reassuring sight for Lark, can’t take her mind off her discomfort.
Nikolas follows her to the balcony, a look of concern on his face. “Are you okay?”
“Fine,” she replies, “I just feel like shit”

He pulls her in for a hug. He’s been very affe…

2.6. Shortsighted

Dominic Trémaux has traveled a fair bit in his short life, but Roaring Heights stands out as the most unique. There’s an unparalleled commitment to aesthetic, demonstrated by both the breathtaking art deco architecture and the dedicated vintage dress of the city’s residents. It’s interesting, if not a little touristy. But despite the obvious artifice, it’s a welcome change from his normal haunts: Bridgeport (polluted and full of rude people), Champs Les Sims (so provincial), and Faefall (technically on a different plane of existence, thus making it difficult to fit in).

But Dominic isn’t here for the beaches or clubs or celebrities. He has burned into his mind an address: 21 Palm Tree Avenue, the home of a man by the name of Gaius Gallus, suspected vampire. And he assumes--perhaps incorrectly--that this home contains what he’s looking for: four wands, priceless and powerful family heirlooms, and an ancient scroll with magical properties. He doesn’t know for sure what a vampire would …

2.5. Just In Case

It’s finally beginning to feel real: in front of Lark is an actual crib, for an actual baby. Nikolas had set it up this afternoon. He’s taken over most of the planning and preparation since it’s apparent that Lark is apprehensive about her pregnancy.
“It’s nice, I guess,” Lark says, “But why put it up here? There’s a spare room downstairs.”
“Yeah, in the basement. Newborns don’t sleep through the night, and like hell I’m stumbling down all those stairs at two in the morning.”
“Good point. But, um, what about the teddy bear?” Lark frowns at the stuffed bear in the crib, a ferocious looking werebear.
“Oh, that. It’s a gift from Karl. I thought it was cute.”
“I don’t like it,” Lark shudders. It reminds her too much of that movie she had watched with Karl, the one that had given her nightmares for several consecutive nights.
“But it’s so friendly looking!”

2.4. What If?

How can three minutes be so long? That’s hardly any time--it’s more than enough time to microwave a burrito, for example, or be disappointed in bed. But in this instance it’s inching by at a snail’s pace.

2.3. Panopticon

The Aurora Skies Museum of Art and Cultural History is the pride and joy of Aurora Skies’ growing art scene. It had recently been renovated thanks to a ballot initiative, and its collection had been significantly increased. Art lovers from all around the island flock to the museum, taking in the beauty of creativity of its exhibits.

2.2. Just-World Hypothesis

A crash rings out, echoing in the small basement. Lark Bee--the cause of the commotion--looks suitably horrified. That was a twenty simoleon bottle of juice she just shattered, all because she was trying to show off while mixing drinks.

“Shit,” she mutters under her breath.

2.1. Duplicitous

It’s the first day of spring, but the island is still covered in snow and ice. And even though it’s slowly melting in the afternoon sun, the snow sucks any warmth out of the air, driving most sims to stay indoors if possible.

1.28. A Garden You Never Get to See

Luna is nearly done with her twenty-fifth book. She can hardly believe that she has written this many. At the beginning of her career, a chapter could take her days to write. Now she can finish a book in a couple of sittings.

The book--titled The Queen’s Gambit--is loosely based on Bastian’s quest to find his daughter. Luna had to fill in a lot of gaps, but she managed to cobble together a strong plot based on her brief conversations with the mage as well as what Lark told her later about seemingly prescient dreams she had experienced. She was surprised when she learned that her daughter dreamed about Dom and Bastian’s adventures in the fae realm. Luna sometimes wonders if there’s something special about Lark, something otherworldly like there is about Elysia. But Lark appears to be nothing but normal other than her brief brush with the fantastical and ethereal.

Despite the plot holes Luna clumsily covered and the strange motivations on the part of the novel’s antagonist, The Queen’s…

1.27. Respectfully & Sincerely

Sheba has been very lethargic recently, worryingly so. She sleeps constantly, and moving seems to strain her. Quentin--her de facto caretaker, despite Sheba’s obvious preference for Lark--has started to grapple with the idea she might need to be put down soon.

Thus, he isn’t surprised when one night, Sheba begins to moan and pant. This is it, he thinks grimly, I guess I should call the vet.  

1.26. The Fairy Circle, Part Two

Everyone stares at Lark, waiting for her to speak. It’s the most powerful she has ever felt. She could draw this out for as long as she wants.

But she won’t. She opens her mouth to speak: “Her name is--”

“Wait,” Dom says quickly, “Don’t tell us. Not until we’re ready to go.”

1.25. The Fairy Circle, Part One

Lark rolls the apple around in her hand, examining it from every angle. She looks up from it

“How is this supposed to prove that you’re a mage?”

1.24. The French Defense

Lark has dreamt about chess every night for the past week. In the dreams, she stands fixed to a spot, unable to move for what feels like hours at a time, her only company the unspeaking fairy on the opposite side.

It’s becoming tiresome.

1.23. Meet Cute

Lark isn’t normally a very competitive person. She’s fine with being a C student, for instance, and she hasn’t shown any interest in any contests or competitions before. She just doesn’t seem to need the praise that comes from victory.

1.22. Ouija

It’s the evening before Leisure Day, and Lark is free from school for the next three days. She leaves Nature and Nurture Learning Academy with a backpack full of homework, all of which she intends to ignore. Long weekends--especially ones that include a day specifically devoted to leisure--are for play, not work. She happily rides her bike through the town square, mentally planning the weekend’s activities as she pedals.