2.5. Just In Case

It’s finally beginning to feel real: in front of Lark is an actual crib, for an actual baby. Nikolas had set it up this afternoon. He’s taken over most of the planning and preparation since it’s apparent that Lark is apprehensive about her pregnancy.

“It’s nice, I guess,” Lark says, “But why put it up here? There’s a spare room downstairs.”

“Yeah, in the basement. Newborns don’t sleep through the night, and like hell I’m stumbling down all those stairs at two in the morning.”

“Good point. But, um, what about the teddy bear?” Lark frowns at the stuffed bear in the crib, a ferocious looking werebear.

“Oh, that. It’s a gift from Karl. I thought it was cute.”

“I don’t like it,” Lark shudders. It reminds her too much of that movie she had watched with Karl, the one that had given her nightmares for several consecutive nights.

“But it’s so friendly looking!”

“I’m serious! Let’s just get another one, okay?”

“Fine,” he kisses her on the cheek, “anything you want.”

Lark frowns. She doesn’t know what she wants. “I should get to work.”

“Are you sure? I mean, you don’t need to work if it’s too much for you.”

“Why would it be too much for me?”

“Um, because you’re--”

“I know,” she sighs, “you don’t need to remind me.”

“Um, okay? Do I need to apologize to you for something?” Nikolas raises an eyebrow.


“It’s fine. I just need to get out, okay?

“Got it,” Nikolas nods, “enjoy your night, okay?”

Since she found out she’s pregnant, Lark spends her weeknights working at Bartleby’s, a small bar near her home. It’s brighter than the HORR Bar, and smoking isn’t allowed inside so she feels safer working there. And the owner is perfectly happy to give her control of the bar on weeknights, though he still hovers nearby in case she messes up.

There are a few regulars in the bar, but the one that stands out the most is Lark’s childhood friend Kyra. Soon after Lark discovered she was pregnant, Kyra announced her own little incoming bundle of joy. So almost nightly, Kyra joins Lark at Bartleby’s for mocktails and conversation.

“I’d love if they were both born on the same day--wouldn’t that be amazing?” Kyra says, “We could have joint birthday parties!”

“That would be nice,” Lark agrees, “though they might not like that once they get older. You know, sharing attention and all that. I’m pretty sure Lydia hated being a twin for that exact reason.”

“Oh, and if you have a boy and I have a girl--or vice versa--they could fall in love,” Kyra sighs dreamily, “and maybe get married.”

“Um, they’re going to be second cousins, Kyra. Don’t be gross.”

“Oh, right. Guess I forgot. I just wanna be family!”

“We are family, dummy. You’re married to my cousin, remember?”

“Right, right! Man, this pregnancy brain is doing a number on me. I don’t know how you’re keeping yourself together--I can’t remember a damn thing.”

“I don’t know,” Lark shrugs, “guess I have other symptoms instead.”  Namely, her symptoms are mood swings, a sore back, and a creeping sense of dread about her impending due date. Nothing huge, really.

“Could I get another mocktail? Maybe a a mango mule?”

“Really, Kyra? That’s your third one tonight. I’m gonna have to cut you off,” Lark teases.

“But they’re non-alcoholic, right? Wait, you haven’t been serving me alcohol, have you?”

“It was a joke--you know what, never mind. This next one’s on the house.”

 Kyra continues to chatter as Lark mixes her drink. It’s a quiet night in the bar, devoid of anyone else other than the owner. So of course when the front door opens, it draws her attention: it’s Dominic, wandering timidly into the bar. 

“Dom!” She sidles out from behind the bar with surprising dexterity and throws her arms around him, “maker, it’s been forever!”

He seems unsure of how to react at first, but finally he returns the hug. “It’s been awhile,” he agrees, giving her a slight squeeze. His arms are warm and strong, and he smells like faintly of sweat. It’s not unpleasant, though--just musky.

“I never thought I’d see you again!” Lark smiles at him as he draws away from the hug. 

“Oh wow,” His eyes dart down to her belly and widen, and then he puts her hand on her stomach, “your parents didn’t tell me you’re pregnant! You must be pretty close to your due date.”

“Yeah, that’s fine, just go ahead and touch me without my permission.”

“Oh, sorry,” he cringes and retracts his hand, “just got excited, I guess.”

“And who’s this?” Kyra asks slyly. Lark suddenly feels ashamed.

“Um, this is Dom--Dominic. He’s a friend of my family’s. Dom, this is Kyra, my best friend.”

“I see,” Kyra looks him up and down, “Pleasure to meet you.”

“Um, same.”

“I’m surprised Lark has never mentioned you. Your aura--it’s incredible. You’re an old soul, I can feel it.”

The corners of Dom’s mouth twitch. “Is that so?” 
“You’ll have to excuse Kyra,” Lark laughs, “she fancies herself a psychic of sorts.”

“Is that so?”

“Lark is obviously a skeptic, but if you ever need a reading don’t hesitate to ask!”

“A reading?”

“Your fortune, dummy. I’m kind of gifted.”

“Um, thank you,” Dominic says stiffly, “that’s very…nice of you.”

“Kyra, not to be a jerk, but I’d like to catch up with Dom--”

“And you want to be left alone,” Kyra interrupts.

“Well when you put it like that--”

“It’s fine,” Kyra smiles, “I’m tired anyway. See you tomorrow, okay?” And with that Kyra waddles out of the bar.

Dominic watches her leave, and amused look on his face. “She’s…”

“Weird? Yeah, I know.”

“Sweet, kind of.”

“She’s married.”

Dominic’s face turns red. “That’s not what I was saying. I just think she’s nice.”

“I was just teasing you,” Lark smirks, “but now I think the lady doth protest too much…”

With Kyra gone, Dom and Lark settle down at an empty table. And despite Lark’s excitement at reuniting with her long lost friend, silence quickly overtakes them.

“So,” Lark smiles awkwardly, “how have you been?”

“I’ve been well. And you?”

“Can’t complain, can’t complain. Um...so where have you been? Why didn’t you answer my letter?”

“I’ve been traveling,” Dom explains, “in fact, I was hardly ever home, so replying to your letter fell to the wayside.”

“Where’d you go?”

“Champs Les Sims to visit family, and I’ve also been to see my sister a few times--”

“Really?” Lark gasps, “I, um, didn’t think that’d be possible.”

“Um,” Dom shifts uncomfortably in his seat, “it is, but I don’t really want to talk about it here.” Lark glances around the bar--it’s empty, other than the owner. But if Dominic doesn’t want to talk, she won’t force him.

“So how’s your dad?”

“He’s okay. Getting a little old, you know. And I think he’s having problems adjusting to that.”

“I’d imagine that’d be hard for him. So why’d you come back to Aurora Skies?”


“Oh,” Lark rolls her eyes, “for your books, of course.”

“I’m happy to see you, Lark, but yes--that’s part of the reason why.”

“Got it,” Lark slides off the barstool, “let’s go then.”

It’s a short walk to her house, filled with forgettable small talk. Even on the empty streets, Dominic is hesitant to talk about anything other than the mundane. Lark doesn’t understand his devotion to secrecy, but she goes along with it anyway. When they arrive at her home, Lark leaves him in the hall while she goes down to the basement to collect his books. And when she returns, she finds him playing with Honey.

“Having fun?”

“Yeah,” he grins, “I love dogs. And she’s one of Sheba’s pups, isn’t she?”

“How could you tell?”

“Same eyes. Oh, and she’s obviously a Cŵn Annwn, too.”

“Oh, right, I have a magical dog according to you,” she rolls her eyes, “Anyway, here are your books.

Dom drops the ball, much to Honey’s disappointment, and shuffles through the books. He frowns as he examines them. “There’s a scroll missing,” he says quietly.

“Are you sure? I packed them all in the same box, so I don’t think I could have lost it,” Lark furrows her brow. She’s lost a lot of stuff before, but she’s been careful about keeping all of Dominic’s books in the same place.

He counts the books and scrolls again. “I’m certain. It’s an important one, too.”

“I’m so sorry, Dom. I’ll find it, I promise. I’ve been meaning to clean the basement anyway, so I’ll look for it tomorrow.” Lark has an extensive cleaning to-do list, a symptom of her impending due date--everything needs to be in order before the baby comes. A good, deep clean should turn up the missing scroll.

“I was afraid of this, actually,” Dominic sighs, “this isn’t the first item from my family’s collection to go missing recently. Has there been a break-in here any time in the last few weeks?”

“No,” Lark says quickly. Dom tilts his head and knits his brow.

“You know something.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Are you sure?” His tone is careful, controlled, but there’s obvious annoyance beneath the surface.

Lark hesitates, but doesn’t answer.

“You didn’t give the scroll to someone, did you?” his voice raises a little, “Or sell it?”

“No, of course not! I wouldn’t do something like that. It’s just…” she trails off.

“It’s just what?”

“I might know who took it. But I don’t want to betray anyone’s confidence or anything.”

“What do you know, Lark?” he smiles pleadingly, “Just generalities, if it helps. I need to know what happened.”

“You’re here because of those wands that were stolen from the museum, aren’t you?”

“I am,” he raises an eyebrow and waits for her to continue.

“Um, I visited the museum and saw they were donated on the behalf of someone named Trémaux. And then I heard they were stolen, so I figured that’s why you were in town.”

“Yes, they were donated on behalf of my mother. They were originally part of her private collection,” Dominic searches her face, his eyes piercing, “But you know more than that, don’t you?”

“I may know who stole them. And who they stole them for.”

The room is silent for a moment, and Dominic takes a deep breath. “I’m going to try not to ask a lot of questions, because it’s obvious you don’t want me to know everything that happened. But there is one big, obvious question: were you involved in the theft?”

Lark shakes her head vigorously, “no. I just know a little bit about it.”

“One more question: you say they were stolen ‘for’ someone--who? And for what purpose?”

“I don’t know, I just know he hired Nik--someone to steal them. And I’m not sure of his name, either. He was pale and looked kind of, I don't know, serious. I only saw him for a second though.”

“Pale, kind of serious,” Dominic sighs, “that doesn’t exactly narrow it down. I don’t want to keep prying, but is there anything else you can give me? I need to find these wands, Lark. Especially since the scroll is missing too.”

“No, I don’t know anything else,” she hangs her head. Her mind is racing, searching for anything that might help Dominic.

“I think I should go, then,” he says, his jaw clenched in obvious irritation, “thank you for holding on to my books for me.”
“Wait--I think there’s one last thing I can do to help you,” Lark grabs Nikolas’ laptop from his desk and sets it on the dining room table. 

“I saw this guy talking on the computer,” she explains, “like a webcam conversation. I think, um, the thief might have the buyer’s contact info on this computer.”  She turns on the computer, enters Nikolas’ password, and begins her search.  

Dominic settles into the chair next to her. “You live here with your boyfriend, right? That’s what your mom said.”

“Yeah, Nikolas,” she says absently.

“Anyone else?”

“No,” she glances at him, “why all the questions?”

“Sorry, I won’t ask any more.”

“Look, I found his address book. There’s a few names here,” Lark scans over the list of names, before zeroing in on one: “Gaius Gallus. That’s right--I remember his name was really stupid. Apparently he lives in Roaring Heights. 21 Palm Tree Avenue.”

Dominic is quiet for a moment as he takes in the information. “So Nikolas stole and sold the wands to this man, then.”

“I thought you said no more questions,” Lark shifts uncomfortably in her seat.

“It wasn’t a question. You have this information on a laptop in your home, which you share with one other person. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out he’s the one who stole the wands, unless you’re lying about being involved.”

“I’m not,” she snaps.

“I know. Which just proves my point.”

“I’m--I’m sorry,” she looks down at her hands, “I knew what Nikolas was going to do, but I didn’t know they belonged to your family, if it makes any difference.”

“It doesn’t.”

“You’re judging me.”

“A little.”

“Well fuck you then!”

“I’m sorry, that was rude,” Dominic puts his hands up, “I just didn’t think you’d be so okay with your boyfriend being a thief.”

“Well maybe you don’t know that much about me, Dominic. We’ve met like once, so we’re hardly friends.”

“I know you’re a good person.”

“Yeah, well maybe I’m not.”

“You helped my father and me when you had no reason not to. You showed concern for a man who had from the get go been rude and condescending to you. You put yourself in danger, even. And you’re helping me now, even though you obviously want to be loyal to your boyfriend, too.”

“I helped plan a heist,” she retorts, “well, I guess I just helped case the museum. But my point still stands.”

“May I ask another question?”

“You just did.”

Dominic ignores her and continues with his query: “When you were helping your boyfriend with his plans, who did you think you were affecting?”

She blinks. “Um, no one, really. The wands were in a museum. And I figured if anyone owned them, they were just some rich schmuck.”

“So the wealth of the potential owners helped cement your decision?”

“You’re judging me again,” she frowns.

“No, I’m not. I’m just curious as to your frame of mind.”

“Then yes, it helped ‘cement my decision.’”


“Because I figured they wouldn’t miss anything! They were so rich it wouldn’t matter,” her voice breaks a little at the end of the sentences as she realizes how stupid she sounds.

“I can see that.”

“Oh, and now you’re mocking me.”

“I’m really not. It’s easy to assume things about people you’ve never met.”

Lark rolls her eyes. There’s no point in continuing this conversation, so she changes the subject. “So you have the address. What are you gonna do now?”

“Research. I have my suspicions about ‘Gaius Gallus,’ but I want to verify them first.”

“What are your suspicions?” Lark perks up.

“The scroll that’s missing is a necromancy scroll. And the wands Nikolas stole were part of my mother’s necromancy collection--each one contains components that ensure that ability to influence the realm of death. You described Gallus as pale, and his name is frankly anachronistic.”


“So I think he’s a vampire.”

Lark laughs, “seriously? That’s crazy.”

“Not really, though. You’ve met a fairy and two mages. And you told me yourself that your grandmother was extraterrestrial, so vampires aren’t that much of a stretch, are they?”

“No, I guess not. But what are they like? Like, are they Edward Cullen vampires or Dracula vampires?”

“They’re strong, fast, and the older they are, the less human they are. And they’re the only creature that’s actually immortal. From what I’ve read, fairies can live a long time, but they’re not actually eternal.”

“So how are you going to get the wands back? And the scroll?”

Dominic sighs, then smiles deviously at her, “Could I hire your boyfriend to steal them back?”

“No way! If vampires are as dangerous as you say, I’m not letting the father of my unborn child do that.”

“Fine, fine. I guess I’ll have to think of something else then.”

“Will it really be that difficult?”

“For me, yes. I’m not that strong, and without my father’s help I’m even weaker. And I don’t have the kind of knowledge about breaking and entering that your boyfriend likely does--after all, the police told me that there wasn’t any evidence they could find.”

“You were able to defeat that fae lady, though, right? So you can probably do this, too. No sweat.”

“That’s overly optimistic, but I appreciate it,” he looks at the clock, “it’s getting late. I should be going.”

“Yeah, Nikolas will probably be home soon, so you should skedaddle. No offense, but considering my, um, help tonight I’d rather he not know about you. You know, just in case.”

“Just in case,” Dominic agrees.

“I’ll walk you out,” Lark tries to stand, but can’t seem to muster up enough strength. “Sorry,” she blushes, “my center of gravity is all out of whack.”

“Let me help,” Dominic smiles and gently pulls her out of the chair. His hands are calloused, the roughness scratching against her soft skin. And once she’s on her feet, he doesn’t immediately let go.

“Thank you for telling me, Lark,” he says softly, “I know it couldn’t have been easy, and I apologize if I was too forceful. It’s just--I can’t emphasize how important it is that I retrieve those wands.”

“I understand,” she hesitates, “just don’t be too judge-y, okay? Not all of us lowly peasants are so moral.”

He laughs, “Of course. Take care of yourself, okay?”

“Hey, you’re the one who should be focused on self-preservation. I’ll be fine,” Lark grins.

Suddenly the front door bursts open, causing Lark to quickly withdraw her hands from Dominic’s grasp. It’s Nikolas, of course, home from a night of hard, legally dubious work.

“Lark, are you--” Nikolas stops in his tracks when he notices Dominic, “oh. Who’s this?”

 “Dominic,” he holds out his hand, “a friend of Lark and her family.”  

Nikolas looks him up and down, his eyes narrowed, before he grabs his hand and shakes. “Never heard of you.”

“I could say the same about you.”

“So Lark hasn’t regaled you with tales of my greatness?”

Dominic looks at him blankly, “no.”

Nikolas laughs, but it’s forced, “fair enough.”

“Yeah,” Dominic raises an eyebrow, “anyway, I should leave. It was nice seeing you again, Lark.”

“Of course. Make sure to call next time you’re in town” Lark smiles a weak smile, “and be safe, Dom.”

Nikolas waits until Dominic is gone to speak again. “So who was that?” There’s an implicit douche at the end of his sentence.

“No one,” Lark smiles at him, “just an old friend of the family. I had some of his stuff that he left last time he visited, so he came to pick it up.”

“What did you have that was his?”

“Just some old books. Family heirlooms, I think,” Lark says casually. She watches his face for any sort of reaction, something that would prove he stole the scroll from Dominic’s collection. But his face remains blank.

How disconcerting.


It’s almost midnight, the witching hour. Not that Dominic believes in stuff like that. It’s just an idle thought that pops in his head during the long walk from Lark’s house to the hotel he’s staying at. He could teleport, sure, but he’d prefer to preserve his power, just in case. It feels like he needs to plan for a lot of just-in-cases right now.

Dominic has always been the kind of person to have a few plans up his sleeves, generic ideas as to what he would do in specific (and sometimes completely implausible) situations. And this situation--a vampire acquiring his family’s heirlooms for unknown but possibly megalomaniacal reasons--is no exception.

So a plan begins to form. Dominic knows he can’t beat a vampire in a fair fight. But he can draw said vampire’s ire to someone else. 


  1. Danger, Will Robinson.

    I still don't like Nik. Nothing he can do will change my opinion that, given the opportunity, he'd throw Lark under the bus...

    I do hope Dom stays around. I'm not expecting him and Lark to shack up or anything (not that I'd be opposed to that either) but I like him. I hope nothing happens to him regarding Dracula.

    1. Danger! Danger!

      But he loves Lark! He'd never throw her under the bus, promise. And I want to challenge you and *try* to make you like him, but it'd probably take a lot of work.

      Dom is fun. I'm thinking of making the next chapter a Dom POV because he's fun to write about. And it'd be awful if anything happened to *him*....


  2. I'm slightly curious as to what Lark thought would have happened when she looked up the guy's name on Nik's laptop.

    Okay, you've got second chance, haven't you? Or at least something that suggests that Nik and Lark won't be happily together forever.
    I'm excited to see the baby though ^-^

    1. I'm curious about a lot of what Lark thinks is going to happen. She's so clever and so dumb at the same time. XD

      Oh man, who knows what my rolls are??? And I think Nikolas and Lark will have a very happy life!

      It might be a couple of chapters before we see the baby. :| Sorry. The Baby Bee is super cute, though. Nikolas and Lark make adorable offspring.

  3. So (Domi)Nic smells pleasantly musky, huh? And his calloused hands remind me of a certain non-standard career you asked about on MTS a while back... I think we may have gotten similar rolls for our current generations! Though you're being much less obvious about it than I am. Aw, I do like Nikolas though. I'm going to miss him :( Okay, enough with the speculations. Sorry, I can't stop myself. I have a gift like Kyra ;P

    That said, I love how Dominic is a skeptic despite being a mage himself. Probably because of it, actually! He knows what's possible and can discern real magic from the bs.

    Bartleby's looks great! It already caught my eye in the background of one of your tumblr posts. Your builds are always lovely.

    What does a vampire want with a necromancy scroll? Could he 'revive' himself somehow? Or is Gaius planning on raising an army of the undead? Squee, this is exciting :D Can't wait to see how Dominic outsmarts the vampire.

    1. If you like the smell of sweat, sure! It was very pleasant. And he prefers Dom, please. ;) And I never posted about any non-standard careers on MTS! That's crazy talk. ;) And why would you miss Nikolas?? He's right here! :D

      He can totally sense that Kyra isn't magical, hence his skepticism. Notice how he was nice about it though, whereas Nikolas talks shit about Kyra.

      Thanks! It's one of the lots I've been meaning to upload, along with Lark and Nikolas' house and the museum. I just need to sit down and make cc lists for them.

      Oh, there's so many things he could do. Raising an army is a good idea, or if it gives the user "influence [over] the realm of death." like Dom said, maybe he could do something else...I certainly hope he's able to outsmart the vampire! I'd like him to stay alive, ideally. ;)

  4. Oh wow, I did not expect Lark to talk so easily. This could be dangerous for Nikolas and her.
    How far along have you played, since you said Baby Bee is adorable? I want to see it too! :(

    Mhh I wonder how the book disappeared. Did Gaius just ask Nikolas "Oh hey, do you happen to have a scroll about necromancy in your house?"? Gaius has never been to the Bee house personally, or was he?

    1. She really did turn into a snitch, didn't she? It could especially be dangerous for Nikolas...

      I only played up until Baby Bee's birth, and then I played with him in CaS. But I feel so bad that Baby Bee might not show up for awhile, so I went into my game and quickly aged him up (then quit out without saving): http://i1102.photobucket.com/albums/g460/owlfacesims/Screenshot-294_zpsvfprgaoz.jpg

      I don't know if you remember, but in the second chapter of this generation Nikolas offered a scroll to Gaius in exchange for 1) more money and 2) not telling Karl that their fee was upped. So that's how Gaius ended up with the scroll. I tried to imply that Nikolas noticed the books in chapter 1 when he helped Lark move, and then sold one of them without her knowledge (probably assuming she wouldn't notice). Though it would be funny if Gaius asks all of his employees if they have any necromancy stuff laying around! :D

    2. OMG I really didn't remember! I remembered some secret deal with Gaius but not that it was about a scroll! Damn, so Nikolas basically stole from Lark... And he knows that it's about necromancy stuff, but he's probably too much of a sceptic to be alarmed by that.
      Baby Bee is so adorable, thanks for showing!! Now I really can't wait for him to show up (and grow up)! =D

    3. Yeah, he stole from Lark! He probably thought, "weird that she has all of this occult stuff...welp, she'll never miss it! :D" Nikolas' skepticism might be his greatest downfall. :p

      No problem! I hadn't even opened that save since the end of February, so I need to catch up with my writing so we can see him grow up.

  5. "Do I need to apologize to you for something?" Nikolas sure has learned how to treat his pregnant girlfriend!

    I kind of love Kyra. She's weird but lovable. And her forgetting that their kids would be related, smh.

    I am also surprised that Lark spilled the beans so quickly. Dominic is obviously going to connect the dots once she got Nik's laptop out. Almost seems like she trusts Dominic more than Nik? That and the hand holding has me concerned. It's funny that they are so close after knowing each other for not long at all. They've really only spent those couple of days together and then these couple of hours. Almost as if they have chemistry or something, but, no, we all know that Lark and Nikolas are going to be together forever, right?

    Also, he prefers to be called Dom, does he? ;)

    1. Yeah, Nikolas is a clever one! Just apologize for everything and avoid the girlfriend's wrath. XD

      She's so fun. I wish I had a roll that would let her be a member of the household (like couple + help) .

      I figure Lark is a bad liar, and she's not very forward-thinking (so she didn't think about how Dominic would figure our Nikolas was the culprit). And of course they're close to each other! Lark help Dom find his sister! That's definitely the *only* reason they're close. Nikolas + Lark=together 4eva

      Yes, he prefers Dom. And I have a whole joke about that up my sleeve somewhere...

  6. Oooh that hand holding went on a little longer than it should have. And now Dom wants to shift the vampire's ire onto someone else - I do hope that isn't Nikolas. Though he DID steal from Lark and that's really quite shitty D:
    Shouldn't Nikolas be more worried about Lark's attitude towards the pregnancy? Then again, his excitement can probably make up for it haha. I think he'll be a good dad. Providing he stays out of trouble, that is...

    1. They held hands as long as both of them wanted to. :D And yeah, Nikolas stole from Lark! I wish in retrospect I had made that clearer, that he stole the scroll from her when he helped her move. It shows a real lack of character.

      He probably should be more worried, but he's *really* excited because he's family oriented. And he'll TOTALLY stay out of trouble... :D

  7. THEIR! BABY! IS! SO! CUTE! I'm dying. This isn't relevant to the chapter, I'm just really happy about those toddler pics :D

    Hm... Not surprised Nikolas would steal from Lark. He's done it before, yeah? Anyway... I like Dom. Hehe >:D

    1. Haha! Now you know why I couldn't wait until he showed up in the story to show him. He is seriously one of the cuter sims born in my game. I'm really happy.

      It's not very surprising, is it? It's almost like he has a bad habit. I like Dom, too! I hope he wins over everyone's hearts. (:

  8. So, magic dogs and loyal werewolves? Didn't think about that, it's probably a coincidence. Well, they are said to be very fond of pregnant women from what I remember.

    Think Lark has another pregnancysymptome than just backache there, with the way she was drooling over Dom and his manbun. Now there's Lark and a vampire and necromancy. There's just so many ways this could go wrong, and still some more. Did Nikolas really steal from her? Please say that her feeling of doom about the pregnancy is just a feeling though, because you showed pictures of the very adorable baby.

    1. There was going to be a bit about Honey *really* liking Karl because they're both magical canines, but I cut it. XD And yeah, dogs love pregnant woman.

      Hey, hey, hey that was definitely a platonic meeting between them. ;) And yeah, there's so many ways it can go wrong! I just need to decide which I wanna go with. :p And yes, Nikolas really did steal from her. I should have shown that instead of implying it. Her feeling is just a feeling. It was similar to how I felt while pregnant. She's going to love being a mom, I promise!

  9. Oh man! I don't know where to begin! First off, I was struck again by how pretty Lark is! And oi - I can't believe she ratted out Nikolas so quickly! You can tell she wants to do the right thing - which just isn't going to mesh with Nik's lifestyle. I like how Dom pushed her to acknowledge her role in the theft. Just because it was from a museum didn't make it a victimless crime!

    1. Thanks! Lark is definitely a looker, which I'm happy for--it seems like her children will be good looking, too. And yeah, she certainly turned on Nikolas pretty quickly. XD But Dominic has a good point about her role in the crime, and she's starting to feel guilty about that.


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