2.13. Better Not Wake the Baby

 Life hasn’t made the drastic improvement that Lark had been hoping for. In fact, it seems to be spinning out of control: in Nikolas’ absence, laundry has been piling up, the refrigerator has begun to empty, and Lark’s patience is wearing thin.

Her agitation is also fueled by exhaustion. Every other day, Nikolas would get up with Bjorn so Lark could sleep in. It was a small luxury, one she enjoyed deeply. But now she has to go to bed early every night in preparation for a 6 AM wake up call from Bjorn.

Furthermore, her new role as single mother has rendered her unable to work. She doesn’t like the idea of leaving Bjorn with a babysitter--nor can she afford to pay one--and she can tell he wears out her parents. She’s currently relying on a small savings to make it day-to-day. She’ll have to come up with a long-term plan sooner or later.

And then there’s the matter of how to explain the change to Bjorn. Lark initially planned to rely on the poor memory of toddlers in order to bypass any sort of explanation. But the boy has always been close to his father, so Nikolas’ disappearance is almost immediately noted. Every time Bjorn asks where his father is, Lark distracts him with a game, toy, or colorful cartoon.

But she needs to tell him.

“So,” she sits Bjorn on the floor across from her and draws in a deep breath, “about daddy.”

“Daddy at work,” Bjorn says confidently.

“Um, sometimes he’s at work,” Lark hesitates. She doesn’t really know how to go about this, and now she regrets bringing it up.

“Work,” Bjorn repeats.

“And sometimes he not.”

Bjorn blinks.

“And he’s not coming home. At least not for awhile.”

“Daddy home?”

“No, he’s not home.”

“Daddy home?” Bjorn holds out his arm, gesturing around the room.

“No, he isn’t. And this isn’t home anymore for him.”

Bjorn scowls, tilting his chin down and glaring up at his mother.

“Want to sing a song?” She suggests brightly.

“Mommy daddy home,” Bjorn pouts.

Lark sighs. “No, mommy Bjorn home.”

“Sad,” he points at her face.

“Um, yeah. A little.”

“Daddy,” he nods. Daddy always cheers him up, so that should work for his mother, too.

“He’s not here, baby.”


“Sleeping?” She pauses, “Yeah, baby. He’s sleeping.”

Bjorn angrily puts his finger up to his mouth. “Shh! Daddy s’eepin’!”

Lark hangs her head. This was a stupid idea. Still, she spends the rest of the day whispering and tiptoeing around the house lest her son chide her for being too loud. She knows she shouldn’t indulge him like this, she shouldn’t pretend that Nikolas is still around. But the alternative is too cruel.

The days drag on, exhaustion overwhelming her. She’s ashamed of the relief she feels whenever Bjorn is asleep and she has time to herself. But despite how badly she wants those moments of freedom, she spends most nights doing nothing more than sitting on the couch, idly surfing Simstagram and watching whatever stupid thing she can find on TV. Sometimes she finds herself mentally interacting with the characters of whatever she is watching, holding lively discussions with imaginary people.

She needs human interaction, stat.

“Free tonight?” She texts Kyra. She hasn’t told her friend about her breakup with Nikolas, so she shouldn’t expect Kyra to rush over with a pint of ice cream and kind-hearted platitudes. But that doesn’t soften the sting of the quick response.

“Sorry, Lowell and I are going out. Some other time?? <3”

Lark reads the message several times, her stomach sinking. “Have fun,” she finally responds.

A message to her brother ends similarly, save the name: “Have a date with Amara.”

“Wrap it before you tap it,” she responds. He sends back a middle finger emoji.

Her remaining option is obvious.

“Howdy stranger,” she texts Dominic. She hasn’t seen him since Spooky Day, but she’s certain he has nothing better to do. And it turns out she’s right: after a few playful messages, he promises to head over.

She leaps up from the couch and throws the front door open. The wind howls as she ushers Dominic in. It’s a bitterly cold night, and she slams the door behind him in a futile attempt to keep the warmth from being sucked out of the room.

“Thanks for coming,” she says, “sorry this was so last minute. I wanted to invite other people, but I guess it’s a busy night.”

“No problem,” he smiles. His eyes flicker to her stomach and then back to her face. “You were going to make an announcement tonight, weren’t you?”

“What do you mean?” She searches his face, her brow furrowing, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“You’re pregnant,” his smile widens, “congratulations.”

“How could you tell?”

“Sixth sense I guess,” he shrugs, “and you’re showing a little.”

She reflexively covers her abdomen with her hands. “Maybe I’m just fat,” she glares at him.

“Oh right, you’re so fat,” he laughs, “may I?” She nods, and he places his hand on her stomach.

“It’s not really kicking yet,” she says, “with Bjorn I didn’t feel anything until late in the second trimester. It might be sooner with this little guy. Or lady.”

“I’m betting it’s a guy,” Dominic’s smile falters, “is Nikolas happy?”

“Um,” Lark hesitates.

“Are you happy?”

“That’s kind of why I invited you over,” she says, motioning to the couch. The pair sits in uncomfortable silence before Lark finally speaks.

“We broke up,” she says flatly.

“I’m sorry,” Dominic responds too quickly.

“You’re not surprised.”

“Um,” he squirms in his seat “not really. I’ve had a feeling that things aren’t--weren’t--going that well between the two of you.”

“I guess it’s really easy to see that from the outside, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess. So how, um, how are you feeling?” he asks, “stupid question. It has to be awful, right?”

“A little bit,” Lark rests her arm on the back of the couch, “in some ways, it’s relieving.”

There’s a beat of silence. Outside, the wind begins to blow a little harder, whistling through the trees and rattling the windows. Dominic clears his throat.

“You don’t have to talk about this if you don’t want to. But I’m here for you if you do.”

“I want to talk about it, but I also don’t,” Lark shrugs, “what is there to say? I’m glad it’s over. It feels better.”

“Are you sure? You two had been dating since high school right?”

“So? He was an asshole,” she says crossly, “is an asshole. Whatever.”

“Have you told him yet? That you’re pregnant?”

She sighs. “No.”

“Are you planning to?”

She snorts and shakes her head.

“Won’t that make things,” he pauses, “difficult?”

“Are you really going to launch into a defense of Nikolas? Really?”

“It’s not a defense of Nikolas. I just think Bjorn deserves to know his father. This child deserves to know its father. And you deserve a partnership in raising them, even if you aren’t together.”

“What a nice speech,” Lark rolls her eyes.

“I’m not trying be contrarian or anything. I just want to provide perspective,” he frowns, “I spent the first twelve years of my life barely knowing my father. It took my mother dying for him to become involved in my life in any meaningful way. Tragedy shouldn’t be an impetus for basic human relationships.”

Lark looks at her hands. “He isn’t human. Isn’t that what you warned me about?”

“He’s still their father. And I get why you want to keep him at arm’s length. But I also think that despite everything,” he struggles to find the word he wants, “everything wrong with him, he can still have a meaningful relationship with his children. And they can know their dad.”

“You can’t make me feel bad for him.”

“You don’t need to feel bad for him,” he shrugs, “But forging some kind of partnership with him could make your life easier, and your children’s lives happier. You don’t have to do this alone.”

“It sounds almost like you’re worried about me.”

“I worry a lot,” he admits, “sometimes about you, yes. A--a lot of times about you, really.”

“That’s nice,” she slides closer to him, “to know you think about me that much.”

“Um, you’re welcome?” He immediately winces at his choice of words.

“You’ve always been there for me, Dom,” She leans closer to him.

“Oh,” he rubs his neck awkwardly, “it’s nothing, really. I--I feel like this is kind of my fault, after all.”

“Why?” she leans in a little closer, flashing a sly smile. She knows the answer, but she’s deriving some perverse enjoyment from how uncomfortable she’s making him..

He clears his throat and shifts awkwardly. “I guess because I, um, made some choices that led to--”

She puts her hand on his cheek. “It’s okay. I understand why you did what you did. And I’m glad things turned out this way.”

He raises an eyebrow. “Are you really?”

She leans in, gently drawing his face closer to hers. His breath is warm, his cheek rough. For a moment he’s passive, receptive to her advances. And then he tenses up, gently grabbing her arm and pushing back against her.

“Stop,” he murmurs, “what is this?”

“A kiss,” she laughs nervously.

“That’s not what I mean. What is this--why are you doing this? Why now? And why did you invite me over tonight in particular?”

“Really?” She laughs again, “I mean, that’s how you react? You’ve been, like, chasing after me for months and you only question it when I finally show some interest in return?”

“Is that what you think has been happening?”

“It’s obvious that’s what’s been happening.”

“I see,” his face falls, “It’s getting late.”

“I don’t get it,” she snaps, “I don’t see what the problem is. It’s just fun.”

“Just fun,” he repeats, standing up.

“You find me attractive,” she states bluntly, a desperate bid for some sort of consolation.

He tilts his head. “I do.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

He takes a deep breath,carefully inhaling through his nose and exhaling from his mouth. “I want to be your friend,” his voice is controlled, “or I want to be your partner. I don’t want to be anything in between, and I’m sorry if I gave that impression.”



“Fine,” she says stiffly, “I get it.”

“Look,” he sighs, “I’m not doing this to hurt you, Lark. You’re very--you’re attractive. I’m sure you’re aware of that. And I might be kicking myself about this in the morning. But I also think there’s more to our relationship than a one night stand. And I’m not going to accept scraps.”

“That’s not what I was suggesting.”

“Whatever you’re suggesting, it just feels disingenuous, okay? Like you only want this because you’re upset about Nikolas.”

“Whatever. See you around, I guess.”

Dominic doesn’t argue. But he does give her a pained look as she pushes him out the door. “I hope this doesn’t change things.”

“Bye,” she slams the door.

She stomps up the stairs, cursing to herself as she goes. And then a wave of embarrassment washes over her.

She’s so fucking stupid. In the span of a few days, she’s managed to isolate two of the only people who’ve ever cared for her. And now she’s alone in her room. She slips into bed alone. She’ll fall asleep alone. She’ll wake up alone. She’ll go through life alone.

It’s a restless night. Lark tosses and turns, unable to shake the humiliating events of the night from her mind. And to add to the misery, every embarrassing memory, every time she’s ever made herself look like an idiot, resurfaces. And there’s a lot of material.

She finally drifts off, but it’s a mercilessly short slumber. A shriek echoes through the house: it’s her 6 AM wake up call. Normally Bjorn wakes up gradually, babbling to himself for a few moments before yelling for his mother. Today, though, he’s sobbing, his cries more high-pitched than normal. He must have had a nightmare.

“I’m coming, baby,” Lark mumbles as she stumbles into his room.

 In his crib is a dark-haired girl, a pair of sparkling wings sprouting from her back.

The girl looks at Lark and whimpers.

Better Not Wake the Baby” -- The Decemberists


  1. what? That's kinda not Bjorn...
    Uhm. Where's the baby? The other one? The original one without wings?

    I agree that she should tell Nik, otherwise things can get uglier later. Nik and Bjorn were close, and it makes me feel sad to think she's keeping him from his kid :c I get why she might not want it, but she needs to think it over, put herself in his shoes.

    It's too soon for Lark to go into another relationship! She's literally just broken up with her ex and is pregnant with his kid. She needs to take a minute, get a cup of tea, and think about things first *nods* best to not make important decisions quickly.

    so uhm yeah, who is that baby?

    1. Oh wow, that isn't Bjorn is it?? Gosh, idk. Maybe he's hiding under the bed??

      She should definitely tell Nik. I wanna get a Nik perspective chapter soon because I love and miss him. And her reasons for keeping Bjorn (and unborn baby Bee) from Nik are largely vindictive.

      Def too soon! At least wait until the baby is out, amirite?? But at least Dom put his foot down.

      Whoooo knooooooows. (:

  2. Dreaming about Dom's sister, or is this a changeling? Hrrrmmm.

    1. Oh wow, a changeling would be fun, wouldn't it?? (:

  3. Dominic is a smart guy and she's looking like a player right now... then again I have to go back and read the beginning for these simmies. It cracked me up that she was making him feel uncomfortable on purpose. XD The only thing that amused her all day.

    That's a lovely little fairy child. Maybe keep it? heh.

    1. Dominic is very intelligent, and Lark def comes across as a player. XD You can also read the summary and maybe get a good idea of their personalities if you don't want to read all of my wordy chapters. XD And she needed something fun in her life, right??

      She is definitely very cute, though I imagine Lark wants her son back. ;)

  4. Lol her trying to explain to Bjorn about Nik. He's just not going to get it until he's older. How long has Nik been gone? Isn't he going to try to see Bjorn?

    I'm surprised that Lark tried to make a move on Dominic. He just isn't the type of guy to want a one night stand or friends with benefits situation. Glad he explained that to her. But pregnancy hormones make you horny, right? Maybe it had an influence on her thinking in the moment.

    Who is that baby?! Is this one of those fairy tricks where they steal your baby and leave one of theirs?

    1. In the game it's only been a day. I figure story-wise it's been a few days. Nik is probably hesitant to see Bjorn because Lark's comments about him being untrustworthy cut deep.

      She's lonely, and that can make people behave stupidly. She's been with Nik since she was ~16 years old so being alone is weird for her. Plus, the pregnancy hormones. XD

      Fairies do have a lot of tricks...

    2. Hey, I just did a memory lane challenge and nominated you to do one, too! It's really fun.

    3. Thanks so much! This looks really fun, and I already have a bunch of pictures in mind. (:

  5. Either this is something to do with Dom's sister, or there's another fairy family going around playing swapsies...

    Or a dream.

    Obviously everyone is going to cameo in the next chapter to find Bjorn (assuming this isn't a dream).

    As long as Nik isn't teaching his kids that stealing and other underhanded things are ok, I do believe he should have a relationship with his kids. And Lark is ruled by her emotions, so she annoyed and therefore isn't interested in him being around, but I hope she realises it's not the best course of action.

    And good boy, Dom. Recognising that Lark was only doing it for selfish reasons and not because there was actual commitment feelings!

    1. It could be any number of things. (: But even if it was a dream, there could be some cameos. But who could show up??

      Hmm Nik might teach his kids to steal. It's in his blood! His father was a thief, too.

      Dom is such a clever boy. He wouldn't fall into the rebound trap.

  6. Oh wow, so the fae aren't done with Lark yet! I wonder if that is why Dominic stayed around; maybe he had an inkling something like this could happen. Such a cute fairy toddler! Though I suppose Lark won't be too happy about that trade...

    I like Dom's advice to Lark how he reacted to her advances. He's the kind of mature, reasonable guy she needs :3

    1. Apparently not! Dom stayed because he was worried something would happen, not necessarily this. And yeah, I think Lark considers it an unfair trade despite how adorable the toddler is.

      He's definitely mature and reasonable (most of the time). And I want to point out how lovely they look together, too, even if it's him spurning her. (:

  7. Oh well, that was quick. Bwaah Lark, seriously? And that also means Nikolas jealousy wasn't unfounded at all :(

    Oooh a changeling! The revenge of Ate? Oh boy, I don't even want to imagine Nik's reaction when he finds out! And Lark will have to get over her embarassment and ask Dom for help, he's probably the only one who can help in that kind of situation...

    1. Right?? What a hussy! And perhaps Nikolas' jealousy wasn't unfounded, but he also expressed it in a horrible way.

      Whooo knoooows? And I still need to write Nik's reaction. XD And yep, Dom is one of the only people who can help. (:

  8. Bjorn looks a bit different at the end. Quite feminine. How odd.
    Jk, when I saw the weird fae child I immediately thought what the FUCK. Time to call the cavalry, and by that I mean Dom and, hopefully, Nikolas, seeing as it's his child too.
    I really appreciate your characters unapologetically having their flaws. Like Lark's selfishness here, possibly cutting Nikolas out from his son's life. I'm always a bit worried that people will get frustrated with the character and not appreciate the depth to them, but I'm probably underestimating people haha.
    Also, I saw Lark's rolls on tumblr. I will slowly warm to the second chance with Dom. It's not like no one saw this coming (or was cheering for it XD) and I /do/ like him. I'm just wondering if he's a little meek to be in a relationship with someone like Lark :P that being said, he did hold his ground well after the kiss attempt, so maybe I read him wrong too!

    1. That's an intense makeover Bjorn got, right?? And yes, the cavalry does seem necessary. XD

      It's hard because I feel the same way. As a parent I would never cut my daughter's father out of her life, but Lark is younger than I am and she's very stressed and she's dealing with this by herself. That's bound to muck up the way she's thinking about it. But I really like Faye despite her flaws, and I'm sure you worry about her. ;)

      Dom might not be as meek as people think. And maybe he can prove himself somehow?

  9. I LOVED this update! First, I get why she called Dom over. And I can even get her making the move because she's feeling pregnant and vulnerable & he's so great. (Can you tell I'm Team-Dom. Lol) I was so happy with his response, too. It means he's looking for a real connection, not just a rebound romance. Good job, Dom! ;)

    Also, Lark should've told Nikolas that she's pregnant already. Like when she kicked him out! That's going to really hurt when he finds out.

    Lastly - uh oh. A fairy baby in the crib!


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