2.23.5. Seeking The Truth Forum Post #218764: Full Moon Sighting in AS

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VinterIsComing: So you guys know  it was a full moon tonight. I was driving back from my parents’ house when I spotted this jackoff running across the road like fifty yards in front of me. I slowed down and took a pic jic, but I don’t think he saw me because he just kept fuckin running.

At first I was like “whatever, it’s just some dude who’s wasted or something.” But then I noticed that he’s stripping off his clothes and he’s COVERED in...fur, I guess. So I pulled over and that’s when I got this pic (sorry for the quality. I had to zoom in a lot).

Thing is, this isn’t the first time this happened. I had to dig it up, but the newspaper posted an article a few years ago about a “werewolf” on Spooky Day….it’s the same guy, right?

So my question is: what the fuck? What is going on in this town? I told you guys before about that weird girl I saw, and I also have noticed some blue people around town. BLUE. Like, their skin is blue. I don’t think anyone here is from AS, but have you guys noticed similar things in your towns?

foul_face: Umm, maybe next time call the police? They can usually handle streakers.

TestSubject42: blue people? are they oxygen deprived orrrrr….?

VinterIsComing: Here’s a picture of one from Simipedia:

She’s a local author. You tell me what that looks like.


VinterIsComing: Right?!

foul_face: Wow, you guys are so fucking insensitive. Luna Bee has ALCYONIAN SYNDROME. That’s a medical condition you’re mocking. Besides, she’s teal, not blue.

TestSubject42: is it a medical condition that your such a fucking snowflake?

foul_face: Yeah, it’s called having a heart. You should look into that. Also, you’re*

VinterIsComing: My girlfriend is an EMT. She says there’s no such thing as Alcyonian Syndrome.

foul_face: You only need a GED to be an EMT. Excuse me if I’m not impressed.

godofblunder: what’s wrong with a GED foul_face

foul_face: Nothing. It’s a perfectly good degree for high school dropouts. Just excuse me for not taking it seriously.

smokingman66: Guys just don’t respond to foul_face. She’s a known troll.

OccamsRazor: Did you stay and watch him? What else did he do?

VinterIsComing: I didn’t hang around to watch. I idled for a minute to get the picture, and then punched it.

foul_face: Punched it? Who the fuck do you think you are, Han Solo?

Cravenwood_the_Hunter: What was is behavior like? What did you notice about him physically? Did he, say, have any notable defenses?

VinterIsComing: Dude wtf. It was some furry skinny dipping. What do you want me to tell you? Do you want me to describe his dong or something?

Cravenwood_the_Hunter: No thank you.

foul_face: But what *did* his dong look like?

VinterIsComing: So my girlfriend just sent me this pic. She said she heard some people yelling, and when she looked out the window she saw this

She lives across the street from some new age store. The female in the pic is the owner, she says.

Cravenwood_the_Hunter: That’s an occultist, Vinter. Tell your girlfriend good job--pics like that are pretty rare. Can you tell me the name of the business? I want to look this place up if possible.

foul_face: So why do you and your girlfriend think it’s okay to take pictures of people? That’s kinda fucked up, bud. Also, that’s a ‘shop. I can tell from the pixels. Tbh I think your whole thing is a hoax, and idk why this community gives you so much attention.

smokingman66: I’ve heard stuff like that is pretty common in Moonlight Falls. Too bad swainsong was banned, or else he could verify the pics. Though I still maintain that swainsong was picked up by SSS.

foul_face: I am always impressed by the depths of your idiocy, smokingman. Whether that’s a testament to your lack of intelligence or mine is up for debate. There’s no such thing as SSS.

Smokingman66: A reporter in SV wrote an expose about them and there were several government hearings about the organization a few decades ago. You can read about the org on Simipedia--it did exist, and there’s documentation about it as well as the tests they conducted in SV. It’s fine that you’re a skeptic but seriously, this is one of the better documented conspiracies in Simnation’s history, and the presence of occultist races is obvious. Just because the government doesn’t recognize them doesn’t mean they aren’t real.

Foul_face: Right, it *did* exist. That was forty years ago. They don’t exist anymore. Besides, which is more likely to be true: a) the government has rebooted and is concealing some unpopular organization that’s hunting down occults, or b) you’re an idiot. It’s just Occam’s Razor, dude.

And I think the attitude about this is what’s rubbing me the wrong way. This forum used to be about sharing information and geeking out and now it’s--what, a witch hunt? It’s fucking gross. If there are aliens or witches or whatever, so what? Just leave them alone.

OccamsRazor: I object to my name being used in vain.

VinterIsComing: The pics are real, guys. You know me. Anyway my girlfriend said she started feeling sick after she saw this. I’m going to head over to her place because she’s pretty freaked out. I’ll keep you guys posted about anything else. Btw, your inbox is full Cravenwood.

Cravenwood_the_Hunter: TY Vinter, resend your message and I’ll get back to you. Hope your gf feels better soon.


  1. I'm not saying it's aliens, but... xD

    Hunter, huh? That doesn't bode well.... :[

    1. In this case it *is* aliens at least. XD

      Yeah, a hunter certainly sounds foreboding....dun dun dun!

  2. Yay! Nicolas will get to kick someone's ass!? I love that you recycled that awesome Halloween post, and the *ALIENS* guy came out pretty good! xD
    Cool the way you wrote though the eyes of the internet. There was not nealy enough trolling. It must be a pretty nice forum. :D

    1. Well *maybe* Nikolas will get to kick someone's ass. It's dependent on a few things.

      I'm not mean enough to write trolls! I wrote some truly awful stuff and then was like "oh no this is not proper."

  3. Internettcrazies are the worst. Nothing going on here crazywood the huntersim, move along. Nikolas beeing a furry was the best though. God, I remember the good times when I didn't know that existed.

    1. The time before furries was a beautiful time in my life. :/ And now I'll forever associate Nikolas with one. XD

  4. This reminds me a lot of one of the better -moderated drop bear forums😊

    1. Oh good, that's exactly what I was going for. XD

  5. Man I had this whole comment typed out and the internet fucked me over again >:(
    "It’s a perfectly good degree for high school dropouts. " was so savage. Love it.
    Also, I wonder if we know foul_face "IRL".. as it were xD
    Nik needs to learn to cover his tracks better, jeez!

    1. Stupid internet. >:(

      I felt so bad writing that. XD A GED *is* a perfectly good degree!

      Nik is such a screwup sometimes.

  6. I was totally with foul_face until they asked about his dong. xD Top level trolling going on here.

    TBH I love conspiracy theories, so I'm with smokingman66 here. Watch out for the SS! D:

    1. Oh also meant to say the meme with simlish is great. :D Did you make the pose for it?

    2. I think inquiring about the dong was perfectly reasonable. XD

      smokingman66 is the most intelligent amongst them, I promise.

      I did make the pose, but it was really quick because I didn't want to spend forever on this chapter. It was a fun little exercise.

  7. Ha, these quirky chapters are great :D Since we got to see some of the faces behind the forum posts last time, I keep trying to figure out who could be who! I remember a Vinter family coming up previously, but I'm at a loss for most of them. Let's hope fowl_face's excellent trolling dissuaded those nutty conspiracy theorists from trying anything extreme!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! The OP's sn is VinterIsComing, so you probably can figure out who is behind it--it was a Vinter (Abraham Vinter) who saw Raven's wings at the festival. :)

  8. Yay, I caught up. Sorry for spamming you with comments, haha. I love this mock forum thread, it was hilarious. Especially fowl_face ;). But it was also ominous, gah! Can't wait for more :)

    1. I loved reading your comments! <3 Sorry you had to wait 3+ months for more. ;-;


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