Help yourself to various heirs, spares, and secondary characters from my random legacy. Use them as you like. If there's a sim you want that isn't on this page, let me know! I'm happy to part with most of my sims.

Click on pictures to download. All sims are packaged as YA. Some packages include two version of the sim. The .rar file includes a picture of the sim, a cc list, and the sim in both .sims3pack and .sim format (you only need to install one!). If you can't find CC for a character, please comment, message me on MTS (owl_face), or send me an ask/im on tumblr (owly-sims).

The Bees 

Members of the Bee family, includes the founder, the heirs, and the spares.

The Founders


Coming soon!



Other denizens of A Clover and a Bee, including sperm/egg donors and secondary characters