Generational Rolls

Warning! Spoilers be here!

Generation 1.

 Luna Bee & Quentin Parker

 Luna Bee and Quentin Parker met in Lucky Palms, where they fell head over heels. They met up again later in life, and decided to move together to Aurora Skies to start a new life.
Marital Status: Couple
# of Children: 3/3
Primary Income: Writer
Secondary Income: Music (Classical)
Generational Goal: Hobby...or Obsession?
Misc. Fun: My Precious

Generation 2.

Lark Bee & Nikolas Oskarsson Dominic Trémaux

Lark Bee is the youngest of three children and--sad to say--seems to be the least remarkable. However, her life takes an interesting turn when she becomes involved with a mysterious thief with ties to the occult. Life becomes more complicated as Lark and her family fall deeper and deeper into the occult.
Marital Status: Couple Second Chance
# of Children: 5/4
Primary Income: Mixologist
Secondary Income: Criminal: Thief Farmer/Nectar Maker
Generational Goal: Photogenic
Misc. Fun: It's so YOU!

Generation 3.